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26 July 2016

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Range...


Well it's only taken until near enough the end of July, however Summer has finally hit the North East. In order to get into the spirit of Summer, I've been continuously reaching for The Body Shop's new Pinita Colada range. Now I'm assuming you'll have seen this on a 1001 other blogs, however I've never seen a launch from The Body Shop have as much hype surrounding it as this. I'd even read that many stores were actually sold out of the range, that's how limited edition it had become. However luckily for me, my lovely chummy Claire is a Body Shop rep and allowed me to get my mitts on the entire range.

So... where do I start at with this? Except from stating the obvious - it smells like Summer, think of a mix of coconuts and tropical fruits. It's good enough to eat. I'm a big fan of layering scents and these products when used together can guarantee that you smell like you're on a tropical island all day long. First up is the Body Scrub and Body Sorbet - both do the same job in exfoliating your skin, however the differences lie in how you like your scrub. If you're a fan of a gritty exfoliator - go for the scrub, and if you want more of a body buffer (you know what I mean), reach for the sorbet.

Personally the winner in the range for me is the Shower Gel - it easily suds up and the scent of this alone lasts on the skin for hours. I've even used this as a bubble bath - that's how good it is. Now if you are completely obsessed with Pinita Colada, what you will find is that wherever you are upstairs in your house, if someone has used this you'll be able to smell it. That's how strong the scent is. Finally the Body Butter - unlike other body butters which I've had from The Body Shop, the texture of this is almost whipped. Normally I use their body butters as barrier cream for fake tan due to the harder consistency, however this is nothing which I've seen before from The Body Shop. Like any good moisturiser this absorbs pretty much straight into the skin. Quite frankly I'm obsessed with this range and I think it needs to be made into a permanent line. Who's with me?

If you're from the North East and are looking for bargain Body Shop items, search for "body shop at home with Claire" on Facebook.

20 July 2016


Embellished Jacket - Zara // Tee - Weekday via Asos // Ridley Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans - Asos // Boots - Ash // Bag - Chanel

This may be one for the books - the first time I've ever hit lucky in the Zara sales. Normally the site is down, then nothing I actually want is in the sale, or if you go to the store, its full of make up stained items of clothing. Luckily for me, this year I was catching up with work and managed to get on the Zara site at 9.45pm and bought everything which I wanted, prior to the sale starting at 10pm. As soon as I'd seen this embellished jacket on their website, then in magazines and all over Instagram, I needed it in my wardrobe. Now for some reason I was very reluctant to spend £80 on a jacket, however this went to £50 in the sale, Still a tad expensive, however its a thick jacket, and well just look at it.

The jacket had it's first outing at the Benefit Brow Launch up at Debenhams in the Metro Centre and I just love how it dresses a simple tee, jeans and boots combo right up. I actually do feel like Joseph with my technicolour dream coat. I've got a post coming up on all the new Benefit brow products and the launch itself, however in the meantime I'm struggling to find the time to get any new blog photos done. Also I'm thinking about making the switch from blogger to wordpress, so if anyone can let me know what hosting sites they've used for this and how easy they've found the switch - let me know. 

12 July 2016

The Mascaras Which I Can't Get Along With...


Writing this post, I actually feel like I am betraying Charlotte Tilbury - like doing the dirty betrayal. When it comes to lipsticks and eye shadows, she can't do anything wrong - nothing in the slightest. Mascaras on the other hand... nope it just doesn't work. I'm always on the look out for that holy grail mascara and I very rarely will stay faithful to one. While in London, I took the opportunity to go into her flagship store in Covent Garden to pick up her new Legendary Lashes mascara. If you're ever in London you need to go into the store - simply amazing.

If you're from the North East, you will know there's a counter in Fenwicks - however the last time I was there when I purchased their Full Fat Lashes and some other items, I encountered an ever so delightful member of staff who has since put me off from shopping there. I don't need to be told outright I shouldn't buy a lipstick - if I want to buy something I bloody well will. Anyway moving along...

Full Fat Lashes was the first and only mascara from Charlotte Tilbury and claimed to be a 5 in 1 mascara which curled, separated, gave volume, length and drama. Sounds perfect doesn't it? Personally I'm a fan of more drier mascaras, however I felt like this was just too dry and didn't really do anything for my lashes. I could achieve the same effect with a drugstore mascara and save at least £15. However this didn't put me off trying her Legendary Lashes and after watching her YouTube videos on this - I needed to try it.

Legendary Lashes is claimed to be a miracle mascara which in three coats extends the length of your lashes and gives any look instant impact. The mascara even claims not to clump or even drop - now as you can see in the photos Legendary Lashes is a very wet formula which shockingly clumps your lashes. Honestly hands down this could be the worst mascara I've ever tried - application is messy and ends up all over your eye lid. Also what is annoying is that it leaves me with panda eyes - I've never experienced this with any mascara (apart from the occasional fall out if I've rubbed my eyes which is understandable). For £25 I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't two black eyes. 

I have noticed however that the drier this mascara becomes, it is starting to work better for me, so we'll just have to wait and see - I'm not prepared to give up on this yet. Maybe because I don't want to waste £25 on a mascara, When it comes to mascara do you think you should splurge or save? Let me know.

11 July 2016


Biker Jacket - Topshop // Wrap Skirt - Topshop // Kindred Pointed Flats - Topshop // Bucket Bag - Zara // Tee - Weekday via ASOS

Following on from yesterday's post about my photo diary in London, I thought that for today's post I'd share with you the outfit I wore on the Friday. Now considering I'd been up most of the night before and not feeling rougher than a badgers bum, I wanted something comfortable to travel in. I'd seen this skirt in Topshop and thought I'd pick it up - however if like me you have long legs and take wide strides while walking, I'd suggest wearing some kind of short underneath it. It only took until getting to the hotel to realise how to fasten a d-ring skirt properly. 

Since having the massive wardrobe clear out I've been on the hunt to find key pieces to add to my wardrobe and a more fitted leather jacket was one of them. Ideally this jacket is probably more suited to colder weathers as it's quite thick - however considering it's supposed to be summer - this was never taken off the entire time we were there. I've also been on the hunt for a round neck white tee and as per Weekday came to my rescue on ASOS. Considering this was a little bit pricey at £23 for a tee (it's now £16 in the sale), it has to be the perfect length and fitting tee I own. Weekday may now officially be my new favourite brand. 
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