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10 May 2016

Products Worth The Hype #1

Following on from yesterday's post and getting everything off my chest, I thought that I would share with you today some of the products which if it wasn't for the blog or the blogging community I'd be none the wiser about. I think what you find is that you get influxes of products which claim to be the next best thing and next thing you know you've been dragged into the hype and you've bought X, Y and Z. These products have been highly hyped in the blogging community and I have to admit these are firm staples in my routine.

First up is Nars Laguna Bronzer, the ultimate matte bronzer - ideal for contouring or to add a glow to both tanned and pale skin. This is the bronzer which I normally reach for, however if you are reading my Project Ten series you will know that I'm trying to use up other bronzers. If you are looking for a new bronzer - hands down this is what you need to try. When Essie finally came over to the UK I was determined not to buy into the hype, regardless of how much I wanted to try Mint Candy Apple. However after buying Sand Tropez, Essie have been my go to nail brand for polishes - quick drying time, the wide applicator and a 1001 nude shades, it's love.

I think any product from Clarins has cult status and a large amount of hype surrounding it in the blogging community, however one product which stands out for me is their Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. This has to be the one cleanser I can literally get through within a few weeks as it leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. Keeping on with the skincare theme Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment is one of the best eye creams I've ever used. This is quite thick in consistency, yet my skin literally just drinks this up. I also find that eye shadows and concealer applies so much better when I've been using this. I think the next two skincare items need no explanation - Bioderma and Nuxe Reve de Miel - holy grail items right there.

As much as I'd read the hype surrounding Jo Malone, until last year there were no Jo Malone stores in the North East - now we have concessions in both House of Fraser at Metrocentre and also in Fenwick Newcastle. Since actually being able to go into store and see the products in the flesh, I could quite happily spend my salary in there, As I'm a fan of strong heavy scents - I had to buy Pomegranate Noir as my first fragrance from them. They may be slightly pricey, however a little goes a long way and this scent can last on clothes for days. 

If it wasn't for the blogging community, I would still have thin eye brows - after having the opportunity to go to a Benefit Brow Bar launch I've since been aware to leave my brows alone. If I do have to tweeze any noticeable overgrown hairs I'll literally reach for my Tweezerman Tweezers. Even the finest of hairs can be caught with these. Also considering they come with a lifetime guarantee just shows you how high quality these products are. Finally one of the most over hyped products thanks to Instagram - Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz. Literally a game changer when it comes to filling in your brows. I've got a post coming up shortly with some high street dupes for this, however nothing will come close to the original. This has to be my must have handbag item and considering I use it near enough everyday, I've got so much of this product left. What products do you think lives up to the blogger hype?

9 May 2016

It's Ok...

... to sit with a brew, a peanut butter cheesewedge from Sweet Tooth Delivery and the latest issue of Allure and chill.

Today's post is going to be a bit of a random post today - where I'll sit and have a chat with you and share some thoughts/observations, or just some random words which I attempt to put in some sort of order on here for you. Since starting the blog however many years ago a lot has changed within the blogging community and as much as I love writing on here, working with brands, and interacting with readers and others who share the same passions as me, I hate to say it but I'm finding myself becoming more and more disinterested with this community. I'm starting to find that I'm detaching myself away from this community which at one point I was fully absorbed in.

As I scroll through Twitter and Bloglovin feeds you find more and more posts giving hints and tips on how to grow your following/stats and where I do think this is useful say when it comes to photography hints and tips (the more the merrier), however by indirectly telling people what to write I feel like things like this is taking away the fun of sitting down and writing about the latest lipstick you've bought, or things you want to buy come pay day. Basically stripping the passion and enthusiasm away from blogging. 

Also I can't be arsed with the drama on Twitter which is becoming more and more common - honestly I don't know if it's because of my HR background or my age, I just have better things to do with myself than sit behind a keyboard and type indirect tweets about brands and/or individuals. It's petty and I have a 1001 things I'd rather do with my time and energy - plus would you really go up to someone in the street and say these things to them? Probably not cause you'd get a slap. Also what would happen if your employer saw it? Sometimes all what you need to do is take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

I've had a couple of comments from people asking why posts on here are starting to become few and far between - the simple answer to that is this doesn't pay my mortgage or my bills and it's quite simply a hobby - my passion. My career is HR and when I sit at my desk at work with a to do list the length of my arm or my phone ringing off the hook - I do sit and say to my HR family I want to work in the beauty industry. The reality is - I wouldn't give my career up for the world, and I've slogged my arse off to get where I am today. So if I have to work a 9 hour day sat at my desk, the last thing I want to do is write a post on here, I won't. I'd rather go out for a walk or move away from my desk at lunch instead of feeling pressured to write a post. If my work family or friends and family want to know my thoughts on a product, they'll come and ask me and that also applies to you - if you want my thoughts on something - tweet me or email me.

I think the point I'm trying to get at is that at this moment in time, I don't take blogging seriously - it's a creative outlet for me on my little space of the internet. Am I bothered by figures and stats? Obviously they're nice and I've worked for them, yet this doesn't pay my bills. So if I'd rather go to the gym after work, or collapse on the couch and watch crap on TV, guess what I will and I won't feel guilty about it. If that means I get left behind or forgotten about - crack on, I'll sit and wave. Don't get me wrong, I read blogs constantly, watch YouTube and I'm obsessed with Instagram - but what draws me into reading posts and engaging is when I see people who's passion and obsessions come through. And if you're doing that and it's making you happy - who gives a shit about everything else, cause at the end of the day... it's ok.

8 May 2016

Fenwick Beauty Week 2016

Fenwicks Beauty Week 2016 is finally upon us running from Saturday 7th - 14th May and trust me it's an event you will want to be part of. Last Tuesday, myself and a whole host of local bloggers attended Fenwick's Beauty Blogger Event to give us a taster of what the beauty week will be like. Unfortunately I was unable to attend last years event due to starting a new job, so there was no stopping me from attending this years event.

When we arrived at the event in Mason and Rye in the newly refurbished Food Hall (seriously it's a must see) we were faced with the difficult task of having to choose two beauty master classes. After a lot of deliberation I went for YSL and then Chanel's master classes. Both brands believe it or not I've tried very little products from, so I was excited to find out more about the brands and their products. The theme of YSL's master class was a full make up tutorial on how to achieve the "Bronzed Beauty" look which Tor was the model - honestly I am desperate to recreate this look as Tor looked amazing. The newly formulated Touche Eclat foundation looks amazing and I can't wait to try the sample we received.

Next up was a visit to the Chanel counter for a demonstration on their signature brow and lips - now as you know I am partial to a bit of Chanel, I completely forgot to take any photos. However what I didn't realise until the event was that Chanel do complementary services - this is something which I will be going back to try. Chanel have just released their Rouge Coco Stylo - a hybrid between a lipstick, gloss and lipcare (review on this to come shortly) and this was the perfect opportunity to step out my nude comfort zone and into the world of colour. I've literally got a wishlist of products I want to try as long as my arm.

Over the next week Fenwick's will have a range of events in store which I am trying to go up too - a full list of these events can be found here. Personally I'm desperate to go to the Marc Sinclair masterclass at Lancome - if you have not watched his YouTube videos on strobing, go and do it now. Also if you spend £75 in one transaction within the Beauty Hall (it's easily done) you will receive an exclusive gift worth well over £100 - a full list of the contents can be found here. Remember to use the hashtag #FenwickBeautyWeek on your social media too - this is an event you don't want to miss.

24 April 2016

Obsessed With... #3

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, however thanks to a mass decorating session I've been unable to get to quite a lot of my beauty products, so as a blessing in disguise I've had no choice but to make do with what I've been able to reach. However the positive is that I've found quite a few unloved products and made more of an effort to start using them and remembering why I loved them so much in the first place. One product which has been a lifesaver while decorating is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - which I actually use as a heavy duty moisturiser. Now I know that this isn't what the product should be used as, but trust me - try it as a moisturiser and you can thank me later. When it comes to decorating I normally end up with more paint on me than the walls. Tip of the day for you - apply this before starting and no paint sticks to your face - genius.

My skin has been a bit of a nightmare recently, so I've been reaching for Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask which is one of my holy grail masks. I always feel that when I use this, that my skin feels and looks more healthy. However it is worth noting that this also helps bring spots to the surface, so if you have a big night out or an important event, don't use this the week before as you may end up with a spot (or two). Keeping with the skin care theme, Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment again is my holy grail eye cream. I've already wrote a full review of this here, yet for me no other eye cream works as effectively as this.

I've already raved about Pureology Strength Cure Restorative Mask* here and I'm still really enjoying using it. My hair looks and feels in a much better condition and I have started to notice some growth where there'd been snapping. If you suffer from dry/damaged hair, I'd really recommend this. Recently I've been neglecting Black Orchid for Tom Ford Noir - if you are a fan of heavy scents but don't want something as strong as Black Orchid for during the day, I'd highly recommend this. I love it that much I've already got a back up of this ready.

Two make up products have made the cut recently - first up is NYX Blush in Angel which I wrote about in my favourite peachy blushes post (link). With the exception of nights out this is the only blush which I have been reaching for lately. Initially I was wanting this used up - however I do think I would repurchase it once it's gone. Finally Charlotte Tilbury 's Eyes to Memorise in Mona Lisa, is my go to eye shadow to complement my green eyes. I'm planning on doing a full review on this and a couple of other Charlotte Tilbury items soon, however this is the ultimate long lasting shadow - once it's on, its on. Bit of a long post there - if you made it to the end, well done.

* PR Sample
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