Leather and Snake...

26 March 2017


Over the last few months I've really started to pick up more and more pieces from Reclaimed Vintage from ASOS. Apart from the items being excellent quality and value for money, it's very rare to actually see anyone with the same items of clothing as you. For the first afternoon session of the year, I wanted to wear something which wasn't too dressed up, yet not too scruffy, so I knew that a dress was out of the picture. Now as I'd hurt my right foot during bootcamp a few weeks ago and walking has been painful I needed to wear some comfortable heels and I had to dig my old fatithful ASOS caged shoe boots. 

Luckily I'd managed to find a short leather skirt from Topshop (tall section) which is a welcome addition to my wardrobe and an item I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of. Finally I paid this with this Reclaimed Vintage snake print shirt. The worlds most simplest and comfy going out outfit. I could have happily stopped out longer as for once my feet weren't hurting. I'm thinking about getting a new set of hair extensions, can you let me know which extensions you wear.

Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set

24 March 2017

Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set - $24 (Sephora)

With the prospect of going wild in the aisles in Sephora, I knew I needed to have some sort of list of things which I desperately wanted and considering Sephora has just released these Huda Beauty Lip Contour sets, this was at the top of my list. I will be doing a post on my first ever Sephora experience, and I don't know if it was my accent or the fact that the store/product locator wasn't up to date, I managed to find these sets in the WTC Westfields after showing the sales staff a picture of this on my phone.

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that I only ever wear nude lipsticks and after stalking the Huda Beauty Instagram feed, I knew I wanted to try something from the product range. The contour set seemed to be the better option as the nude set contains two miniatures of their liquid lipsticks in Bombshell and Trendsetter, but also a full size lip contour pencil in Trendsetter. Considering I've watched a 1001 Instagram videos, I was quite shocked to see how runny and liquid-esq the formula was. However this was really easy to work with and gave you plenty of time to use it until it dried down on your lips.

Initially after looking at the swatches online I thought I would be more drawn to Trendsetter which is described as a brown nude shade, but instead I am obsessed with Bombshell which is more of a pink based nude. Personally as much as I love these liquid lipsticks, I was quite disappointed with the fact that these don't last well on my lips, which kinda goes against the posts which I've seen on Instagram. Normally my Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipsticks will last for hours without needing to touch up regardless whether I've had anything to eat or drink.

Wear time for me isn't that much of a big deal if I'm honest and wouldn't stop me from buying other shades in the range. However the winner for me has to be their lip contour in Trendsetter - I have never ever used a more pigmented, creamier lip liner than this. This can even be used as a lipstick on its own. I've noticed that when I use this with the liquid lipsticks the liner doesn't budge. I've noticed that if you're in the UK Cult Beauty are doing miniature sets of four liquid lipsticks - I have my eyes on the pink version. Are you a fan of Huda Beauty - what are your recommendations?

The Floral Embroidered Shirt...

20 March 2017

Bridie Shirt - Bows Boutiques* // Ridley Jeans - ASOS // Ash Boots // Chloe Drew Bag

Sunday funday - this is one for the books, me actually posting an outfit photo on here, literally the day after wearing it. However this is the outfit I wore yesterday for an impromptu trip to the pub with my mates. Normally like any girl, before going out I always have the panic of what to wear. However I've recently discovered Bows Boutiques which is literally a one stop shop for up to the minute pieces. While browsing through their New In section, I spotted their Bridie Embroided Shirt which I knew I had to have. This shirt can easily be dressed up with skinny jeans and boots, like last night, or can also be worn with a simple black skirt for work.

I've got another few pieces from Bows Boutiques which I will be sharing in some future instagram posts, however I think I need to purchase this shirt in white as it's so versatile. Considering I'm 5'10, I do struggle finding tops which are long enough for me and normally have to rely on stores which have a dedicated Tall section. As you can see from the picture, this shirt is really the perfect length for me - honestly can I rave about a shirt any more? Are you a fan of Bows Boutiques? Let me know.

* PR Sample 

Products Not Worth The Hype... #1

19 March 2017

As much as I try and keep this site as positive as possible, now and again I need to have a bloody good rant on here. If you've read my previous post about how I'm trying to get through as many products as I can whilst being on a spending ban. This has actually given me the motivation to start sorting through the masses of beauty products which I have and to sort things out. I've wanted to do a series on items which aren't worth the hype and what you should save your money on. Obviously posts like this should come with a warning - these items are things which either don't work for me, or I don't think is worth the hype. However if these products work for you, brilliant.

The first two items are things which you will have seen in my Project 10 post - La Roche-Posay Serozinc and Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash. Ideally Serozinc is aimed at those who have oily, acne prone and irritated skin, however I bought it on a whim purely because there was so much hype around it and I just had to have it. Does it make any difference or impact on my skin? Nope. Believe it or not I'm using this to wet my beauty blender on a morning purely because I can't be bothered to walk to the bathroom, and secondly just to use it up. I really can't comment whether this works as it's not targeted to my skin type.

Next up is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash, which again I had high hopes for considering I am obsessed with their Micellar Water. Unlike the micellar water, I find this to be too drying on my skin and I feel like I either I have to go in for a second cleanse, with a cream cleanser to put some moisture back into my skin or to slather my face with an intensive moisturiser afterwards. Considering their micellar water is anything but drying on the skin, this really does confuse me as to why the matching cleanser from the same range has to be so drying. The plus side with this is that it does an amazing job of removing all make up from my skin. However once used up, I won't be repurchasing.

Who remembers the hype last summer around Aldi's Lacura Caviar face range - noted as a dupe for La Prairie skin care. The only bit of the range which I could get my hands on was their 3 minute face mask and immediately after slapping this on my face, I had to take it off. Honestly my skin hated it - after literally 30 seconds my face was red and felt hot - like I was having a reaction to it. I've since tried this on my skin since and each time I have the same reaction. Initially I was thinking was this due to the price, however I've used more cheaper skin care on my face and never had such a reaction. This experience has put me off the range and if anyone mentions the products to me, I always tell them that I don't think it's worth the hype.

The last product which I don't think is worth the hype is Niod's Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex - this is just a deluxe sample which I have from a Tili Box, as the full size 30ml retails for £38. Personally for me it's the scent and the feeling of this on the skin - I really can't describe it, but as soon as I apply this, I can sit for about a minute or two before I have to take it off. The texture of this is unique and I really just don't like it on my skin. As much as I want to try their Instagram filter in a bottle, if the texture is like this complex - I won't be buying it. Are any of these products your favourites or must haves?
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