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25 September 2016

Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo

Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo Beauty Blogger

Apologies its near enough been a month since I last posted on here - sometimes life work just gets in the way. Anyway I'll do a separate update post on that. Over the last month I've been embracing the minimal styling when it comes to my hair and trying to add as much texture as possible. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you will know how much I love invisible dry shampoos for adding texture to my hair. Normally my dry shampoos of choice is Co Lab or Paul Mitchell (must resist temptation to write Phil), however since trying Redken's Pillow Proof Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo I've found that texture in my hair lasts all day.

Normally I find that I have to add a texturising spray to keep volume in my hair, however the sole purpose of the Pillow Proof range is to extend your blow dry/hairstyle. Unlike any other dry shampoo which I've used, I find that I would have to apply more either later on in the day or the next morning to try and extend not having to wash it. With this dry shampoo however I'm finding that after initially using it, I don't have to reapply any until I wash my hair. I don't know if it's just me, but with some dry shampoos you can feel it in your hair - with this you don't. Personally I've found that the more high end the dry shampoo is the better quality it is - this is no different.

Another bonus with this is the fact that it leaves no scent in your hair - when you initially spray it, you can smell a faint fresh minty scent. Yet as soon as it touches your hair, the scent goes and the dry shampoo goes to work. At £13.90 this is slightly pricey for a dry shampoo, however Hairtrade is one of the cheapest places online to buy Redken. This bottle has well over half left, so if you think about how quick you get through normal dry shampoo, to the length of time this has lasted me, it is worth splashing out the cash on this. Are you a fan of invisible dry shampoo, let me know what your favourites are.

* PR Sample

29 August 2016

The Forgotten London Haul...

Royal and Langnickel Brushes
Freedom Highlighter in Ambient
We Built This City Carnaby Street London
Can you believe we're on the verge of September, and here I am posting a haul from way back in June. June actually feels like such a distant memory, yet feels like it was only yesterday I was in London with Tor. I've already posted a photo diary of what we got up to here, however I thought that as I'd managed to reign my spending in, I'd share with you what I'd bought. First up is the lamest IMATS haul ever - an entire three items. LA Girl Pro Concealer in Porcelain (£5) was supposed to be getting ordered from eBay as they're much cheaper, however as Tor was buying something I asked her to grab me this. This matches my natural skin tone ideally for normal concealer, but also works for a highlight when I'm tanned. Next up is two brushes from my favourite brush brand Royal & Langnickel - their Crease Brush (£5) and their Revolution Brush in BX-05 (£10). If you have never tried anything from these - you need too - amazing quality at amazing prices. If you want to see my top brush picks from there let me know.

Onto random bits and bobs - I've finally managed to get my hands on Freedom Pro-Highlight in Ambient (£3) from Superdrug in Westfields. However since then, Durham's Superdrug now stocks it. This has been my go to highlighter for work - subtle but still packs a punch. You'll have already seen my review of Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara (£25), just don't waste your money (review here). A trip to London wouldn't be complete without a trip to & Other Stories, and I had to pick up their Fig Fiction Hand Soap and also Bonbon Tree Hand Soap (£4 each). I haven't opened these yet, however they smell lush and I've got high hopes for these.

Finally, the only store I really wanted to go too was We Built This City (so tempted to add on rock and roll when I see that) on Carnaby Street to buy some prints for my house. Honestly they need to get an online shop sorted out, as there were so many prints I wanted to buy. In the end I opted for this tea print for £25 and then the fish and chips card for £4. Both of which will be getting framed soon - the tea print I'm thinking will no doubt end up on the dining room wall, and then the fish and chips will end up going on my random print wall in my downstairs toilet (as you do). If you're in Carnaby Street you need to go here. I'm giving you the heads up I've got quite a few haul posts in drafts which will be coming over the next month.

28 August 2016



Hobo definitely encompasses how I look/feel in this outfit, but I really don't care - hands down the world's most comfortable outfit. Over the last few weeks I've started to fall out of love wearing jeans - probably due to the humidity we've been having. Anyway in an attempt to sort out my wardrobe, I've started to buy more classic pieces. One of which has been these wide leg crop trousers from Topshop which I'm in love with. These trousers are also available in the normal range, however for them to be actual ankle grazers on me I bought these from the tall range.

The picture above doesn't actually show how wide leg these trousers are - they're kinda verging on being culottes. However these can easily be dressed up or down - add a bardot top and some killer heels and there's your night outfit sorted. As I type this it's currently pouring down (typical Bank Holiday weather), however if we do get any more sunshine, I'd recommend purchasing these leather mules from Topshop - real leather and only £22, yes £22. I'm sure they also do these in a blue leather and in tan, these are actually really comfortable to wear too and don't cause blisters (win).

Hope you all have a fab weekend - I've got a date with housework and netflix (living the dream I know). 

23 August 2016

Lip Essentials from Blistex

It's pretty safe to say that the humble lip balm is probably one of the understated beauty products which we will own multiples versions of. I'll be the first to admit it, I can't be without lip balm - they're beside my bed, in my handbags, in the car, on my two desks at work, you get the picture. Whenever I'm run down, feeling ill or stress, the first thing which suffers is my lips and the only product which will ever sort them out is a thick layer of their Relief Cream. Over the last few weeks I've been trying some of their newer releases and I've managed to find some new firm favourites.

Out of the products I've been trying two are old faithfuls - their Lip Brilliance in Blushing (£2.59) which adds a sheen of colour to the lips. This is ideal for work, as I can never be bothered to wear lipstick, however if I want some colour adding to my lips I have the option. Personally out of all the range, I do find this to be slightly drying on the lips. However in order to overcome dry chapped lips, I'd recommend reaching for their Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating Lip Cream (£2.65) - this does leave white residue while it soaks in, so bare that in mind when you use it. Normally I prefer to use this on a night in bed. They've recently released a cherry scented version of this, which actually smells of cherries. Personally I prefer the original version, however both contain bees wax and shea butter to moisturise. Also it contains SPF - win win.

The newest releases are their Happy Lips range (£2.49) which comes in Strawberry and Mango. Anything mango scented is a winner with me and I always find that with fruit scented products it can be hit and miss as to whether it actually smells like the product itself. Personally I love this, the strawberry not so much, purely because I don't like strawberry scented items. These are similar in formula to the Lip Brilliance but are very hydrating on the lips - a winner with me. Are you a fan of the Blistex range? What's your favourite?

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