Nails Inc x Lottie Tomlinson Good as Gold Paint Can

23 October 2016

Nails Inc Set
Nails Inc Good as Gold Paint Can

If there is a hot new nail trend, Nails Inc are always at the forefront and their latest innovative release is no different. Considering how simple the idea is, I'm surprised that no-one has launched a similar product. You would have seen earlier in the year how Nails Inc released Hoxton Market as their first spray polish and since then they've built up a core collection of their iconic colours in the paint can formula. What is genius with these Paint Can's is that they can be used exactly like normal nail polishes - you can use a base coat (this is recommended) if you want, or if you prefer not too, you don't have too.

When it comes to using this, it's exactly the same as using any sort of spray paint, shake and spray your nails. I've found that it's much easier to lightly spray your nails and then build it up that way. Now unlike normal nail polishes, once this has dried on your nails, all what you need to do to remove the excess polish off your skin is to wash your hands with soap. Don't get me wrong this is a messy way of doing your nails, however on the flip side the amount of time taken to achieve manicured nails is literally a quarter of the time to normal nail painting.

As you're using an aerosol, to avoid any kind of mess, I normally use this in my kitchen with paper on the floor and no where near any walls or furniture, as knowing my luck I'd get this everywhere. It is worth mentioning that if you spray this too close to your fingers, the coldness of the polish will hurt your fingers, so what'll you find is for the first few times you use this, it will be trial and error. Will you jump onto the spray polish trend?

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Benefit Cheekathon Palette...

19 October 2016

Benefit Cheekathon PaletteBenefit Cheekathon Palette Beauty Blogger
Benefit Cheekathon Palette Who is She Blog
Benefit Cheekathon Palette Swatches
UK Beauty Blogger Benefit

As much as I try not to feature limited edition products on the blog, now and again one product cones along which I simply have to feature. Earlier in the year (reality, more like two minutes ago), Benefit released their Cheekathon palette which contains 5 full size powders (four blushers and one bronzer). This is currently sold out on the Benefit website, however it is still in stock on House of Fraser. Considering one of their face powders retails for £23.50 - you can do the maths as to how much you are saving. It's a bit like buy two powders and get three free,

Believe it or not Benefit Dandelion and Georgia (now that is blast from the past) were the first high end blushers I bought, so anything blusher related which Benefit comes out with will always have a special place in my heart. This palette contains all of Benefit's cult cheek products - Dandelion, Hoola Rockateur, Dallas and Coralista as well as a mini blusher brush which you would find in the full sized versions anyway.

With the exception of Hoola, I find these blushers to be very pigmented, yet when applied leaves a sheen of colour on the skin. However the products are easily very build able into a more bolder look if required. Personally I don't think this palette is very user friendly for keeping in your handbag for touch ups as the cardboard packaging would easily get damaged/grubby. However for travel I think this would be a lifesaver in terms of preventing your from taking a 1001 single blushers/bronzers - everything you need (including options) is in the one palette. Also the large mirror is really good - I've sat and done my make up in it numerous times. Are you a fan of limited edition palettes, or do you prefer to actually buy the products you like individually? 

The Relaxation Routine...

16 October 2016

The Chill Out Routine - Who is She Blog
Thanks to being ill over the last few weeks, I've really started to acknowledge how important relaxing and "me" time is. For today's post, I thought I would share with you some aspects of my chill out routine and lets start with here. If I'm feeling stressed or need to chill out, I try and either read some blogs, watch You Tube or even sit and write a post on here. Literally this takes my mind off everything which is happening around me.

Now considering I'm a beauty addict, some sort of mask needs to make an appearance. Current favourites include Neal's Yard White Tea Enriching Facial Mask, which smells amazing and gives your skin a massive boost of instant hydration, and also Origins Drink-Up Intensive Mask which I like to use as a moisturiser before bed. A little tip is that if you're suffering from dry hands/cuticles use the Origins Mask as a hand cream - you can thank me later for that revelation.

Something which maybe new to you is the fact that I am partial to playing online bingo now and again. This may have something to do with the fact that my cousin Maxine is bingo chat room moderator and I even applied for the same job as her before moving to my current job. However if I'm trying to chill out, I can't be dealing with websites which have numerous pop ups and lots of text/pictures/graphics on the page. Nope. As long as the site is nice, clean and easy to use bingo site, its a winner with me. 

After going through a phase of not painting my nails, I've finally gotten back into the habit of painting my nails. Any Barry M Gelly polish has to be my polish of choice (purely so I don't have to use a top coat). Almond and Strawberry Lemonade are the two shades which I've been reaching for. If you're a regular reader of the blog, you'll know how much of a fan of these polishes I am. Along with Essie these are some of the longest wearing polishes on the market. What's your chillout routine?

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Those Boots...

12 October 2016

Topshop Heart Leopard Flare Boots
Shirt Dress - All Saints (old) // Belt - Topshop // Boots - Topshop // Bag - Chanel

It's only taken however many years, however I think when it comes to shoes for nights out, I may have had a revelation. Yes instead of wearing massive heels, mid heels are the future. Now it could be the fact that these Topshop Heart Leopard Flare Boots are both leopard print and furry as to why I love them so much. However the real reason as these are by far the more comfortable boots I've ever worn. No complaining about my feet hurting half way through the night, and also the ability to run to the taxi rank in the rain. Oh yeah.

Normally I prefer to wear ankle boots and was apprehensive as to how the cut of these boots would look. No need to panic as I think these are flattering on anyone and what is a relief is that you can easily tuck jeans into them. Win win. On a side note I'm obsessed with this All Saints black silk shirt dress - it was pricey, however its a staple piece in my wardrobe. For some reason that's all what I'm going to say on the above outfit - I'll just let the boots do the talking and I know you'll thank me later if you go and purchase them.
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