Hello, my name is Ray and I am a Chanel-aholic *waves hand*.

I'm not afraid to admit that I have an obsession, addiction, need, want, for Chanel. I honestly can't get enough. What I want a get.... within reason lol.

I am blessed to have two Chanel bags in my collection- a black medium caviar flap with shw, and a black xl jumbo caviar flap with ghw (that involved a mission to London- will tell you all about that another time). Many people say I am mad to part with £1500+ on a single handbag, but I have always said since I was 18 that I wanted a Chanel bag, and last year I purchased my Medium flap in Manchester.

Now at the time, I said that would be it... NO MORE CHANEL...

A week after getting it, I wanted another one.. typical or what. So in June I travelled to London with JEM and purchased my Jumbo. Yet again I thought this would be the last bag, after spending most of my mortgage deposit on it - however there was a major price increase on the 1st July (thats my excuse for it).

However.... my need for Chanel is taking over me once again... I now would like a wallet on a chain or WOC to me and you, and as I am off to Manchester next month, it would be rude not to stop into Chanel.

This is what I want....

How pretty!!!

A massive thank you to Jenita143 @ tPF for letting me use her picture of her WOC xxx