Hey, just thought I would quickly share with you my new favourite face cream. I found it on offer (£3.99 I think) in Boots while on the hunt for some fake eyelashes and trying to keep away from the St Tropez and Models Own stands.

Normally for face creams I stick religiously with Kiehls moisturizer, however sometimes it makes my skin feel quite tight and not very moisturized. As it was on offer I decided to try this Johnson and Johnson's Daily Essentials Hydrating 24hr day cream (although I wear it for night).

WOW, I am actually in love with this cream- my skin is so soft, and since using it I haven't had a single spot breakout. I've been slapping it on (not literally slapping lol) and I don't think my skin can get enough of it.

However Mr Kiehls do not worry, one day I will return to you, however for the moment its J&J all the way for me. However I would be lost without my trusty Medicated Chapstick- think I have about 4 on the go at the moment.

Whats your favourite face cream??