August Bank Holiday Weekend, normally means one thing to me... no not rubbish weather, or going out and partying (I'm being good and stopping in).. but Leeds and Reading Festival.

Now I am not the camping type, and the thought of not having a comfy bed, more than a couple of outfits at my disposal etc etc (think I'm just making excuses why I hate camping), however this year I would have made the effort...


One of the greatest bands ever The Libertines reformed and played this festival. Now watching the mighty Carl and Pete play last night was quite touching, as this was one band I never thought would get back together. Here's hoping they'll tour- Carl has hinted at it, and if they do, there will be one overtly happy girl.

If you haven't heard of the Libertines, get some of their music downloaded... stat.

Hope you're all enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend xxxx