... well to be honest I think its already Winter here in the North East. Freezing, wet and windy.

I have noticed in my wardrobe there is small space... a small space which needs filling. Now before any sarcastic comments (my finger is pointing at you JEM) that I can't get any more clothes into my 2 wardrobes and 2 sets of drawers.. this small space has a purpose.

Its the sign I need to purchase a FUR COAT (faux of course)- its the perfect Autumn/Winter staple. I will be wearing it on nights out, shopping trips, walks, the list goes on and on. I think I'm just making up reasons why I should buy one.

Here are my favourites from the High Street.

Top- Topshop Patchy Box Coat £80, French Connection Laura Fur Coat £120 (my fav).
Bottom- French Connection Leopard Love Jacket £120, Warehouse (at ASOS) Featherey Coat £65.

What's your favourite?? xxx