While Ray is away, JEM will play. Ray has left me in charge of the blog while she is in Manchester and I thought I would share with you my first experience of mineral make up while shopping with the hubbie last week.

Before this, I had never used or even considered mineral makeup. But last week saleslady showed me how I could use this powder with a large, loose brush all over as a base, and then use a smaller brush (An eyeshadow brush) to dot on a bit extra where I need the additional coverage - under eyes, spots etc.  By the time she'd shown me the blusher (applied to cheeks it lasts about 5 hours, mix with vaseline and it becomes a lipgloss, use it as an eyeshadow too and finally mix a little with clear nail varnish and get a very nice pinky-brown coloured nail polish) I was sold. 

I'm a big fan of multi-purpose  products, if for no other reason than it's less to lug about in my bag every day!  The bronzer, too, can be used in different ways - over the cheeks and chin to give a sunkissed glow, mixed with body lotion and applied to the skin for a sheer shimmer to, and layered over the top of the blusher on eyelids to give a slight glittery look.  Cost was £43.00 for over a year's supply of the 3 products and included a free repigmentation should my skin colour change dramatically (however I'm told that they are self-adjusting naturally anyway)

So... that's the hype.  What's it really like to use this?

The answer is, for my skin, this is amazing.  I have normal skin with occasional oily/spotty patches, and for me this is second to none for coverage and wearability.  It now takes me approximately 1 1/2 minutes each day to put a full face on for work, and if I am going out again straight from work I just top up with a little more powder and a bit more bronzer before going out - so we're talking another 2 minutes here.  It lasts all day, doesn't rub off on clothes (The white shirt-collar test proved this on the first day!) and looks so natural it's like I'm not wearing makeup.  Also, it's hypoallergenic and non comodogenic, which means it won't irritate sensitive skin or block pores up.

At £21 for the foundation only, it looks like the price of this is coming down from what it was at first (over £40 in shops) and this is an excellent buy.  Word of warning though, a friend who's skin tends to be on the dry side said she can't use it as she needs the extra moisturisation of a liquid base.  Also, if you do put it in your bag like me, be VERY careful when you open the top up again cos it gets everywhere!!

Any questions- leave in the comment box. JEM xxx

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