So the lovely Ray has been asking for peeps to be a guest blogger for the weekend whilst she swans off to the City of Manchester for a good knees up. She asked me on Twitter and pondering over it I’ve decided to give it a go….

But the thing is what do you write about on someone else’s blog?

At the moment I am currently “researching” into a fancy dress night out for my cousins’ birthday, which will take place in….Manchester. It’s a good night out if you haven’t been before and got to admit I love a bit of dressing up too.
The theme is ‘Masquerade’ and the eye mask is compulsory!

Here is the eye mask I have been looking at:

It is about £13 on eBay, but I think it’s a bit expensive for just one night, so hoping to buy a separate mask and customise it myself so it will be unique too.

The other thing I’m struggling on is the rest of the outfit, make up etc. So I’m calling out to Ray’s followers to see if you can help with my problem. Do I go dark, mysterious and gothic or romantic and dreamy style? Never done masquerade so I haven’t got a clue!

I know my face will be hidden with a mask, but would still like make up tips for when I take the mask off, we are having a meal first at the Hard Rock CafĂ© – anyone been? – so am thinking I won’t be wearing the mask then!

Please help and I will thank you forever…well not forever, a couple of times maybe, but you know what I mean.

Also I think you will join me in saying we all hope Ray has a great night out and hoping for some pictures from the night maybe? Don’t about you but I’m jealous!

Love Steph xx
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