One more day at work, then its the weekend.

As the majority of you are aware Models Own had a 50% off sale the other week. One of the polishes I got was their Misty Grey, as I have been looking for the perfect light grey.

This has to be one of my favourite colours- what was my life like before this haha.

As you can tell by the pictures its a very light grey, in some lights it actually looks a bit like duckegg blue. All what it took was two coats, one was actually enough, but out of habit I did two. The polish went on thick, but thats the way I personally like my polishes to be.

Pictures are a bit rubbish as they're off my blackberry.

Now this is the best bit.... these pictures were taken on Sunday. Now between then and now, I have not touched my nails up, or used a topcoat, and I'm typing on a computer for most of the day.

These are my nails today- its hasn't chipped and there is very little tip wear neither!! I love it.

Going to be doing a giveaway soon- keep your eyes peeled xxx