Hey peeps, JEM aka the girl who changes her nail colour as often as she changes her knickers haha (thats every day by the way) has done another review for you. I'm off to crawl back into bed- stupid cold booo. Over to JEM...

Straight up, two major problems with this MO varnish. The first being, every time I pick it up, I hear Christian Slater's voice telling me "I'm going out to get you some orange sherrr-berrrrt" (A la Austin Powers).

The other problem, aside from auditory hallucinations, is the formula. What's up MO? Where has your lovely thick, creamy, glossyness gone? This came out looking thin like really cheap undercoat (and I'm talking about the wall paint here). I needed two coats before it even started to look normal, and even then it's still a bit blotchy and streaky. I tried it with two different base coats, I tried putting three coats on and the only time it started to look about right was after the fourth coat, well excuse me but I'm a busy lady and I do not have 3 hours to complete my manicure every night.

The colour was… hmmm. Ray and I are split on this one. She normally wears darker colours and I'm into all the icecream pastels etc, but this seemed just a little … bland. I'm used to MO colours being and pigmented and this just didn't match up. Then again, MO Fuzzy Peach is darker and I think that is too orangey (and Ray loves it), so perhaps I'm just hard to please with peach.

Brings me to another point, though - the MO stands at Boots would be so much more awesome if they had testers for ALL 99 colours, and stocked the whole range - all the stands that I have seen only carry a fraction of the range of polishes. Is it just another one of those grim up nooorffff things?

Anyway, I'd be keen to hear if anyone else has the same problem with this polish? or did I get a bad batch? Answers on a postcard please (or the comments box below if you prefer).
Love JEM xxx
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