After reading so many positive reviews by fellow bloggers and mentions in magazines. I decided to purchase some ELF products before my jolly jaunt to Manchester. Was very very impressed with the "standard" delivery- it came the next day.

What did I buy I hear you cry...
Smudge Eye Sponge Brush, All Over Colour Sticks in Pink Lemonade and Golden Peach, Liquid Eyeliner in Coffee and Plum and Eyelid Primer in Sheer.

First up the All Over Colour Sticks.
Now I have to admit I am in love with the Pink Lemonade (bottom)- it looks nice on both the lips and cheeks, Golden Peach (top) no no no I am not keen. I look like an oompa loompa when its on my lips, and it has no effect what so ever on my cheeks with and without fake tan on. However for £1.50 I can't complain, although I must admit I don't like cheek products smelling like orangeade- I was getting a bit paranoid last week that the people sitting next to me could smell it. That may just be me though.
I normally use Benefit Boi-ing on my eyelids as a primer, but I thought I would try this out. At the end of the day for £1.50 I'm not throwing money away, and it was £1.50 well spent. Really liked how it dried quickly and added a little bit of sheen to my eyeshadow although my shadow did keep all days- for a night out I would probably stick to using Boi-ing.
I nearly poked my eye out with this brush and when I tried to smudge my eyemake up it kinda hurt. I'll be sticking with my 212 and 219 brushes instead. However I will give it another shot and let you know.

JEM has been on the look out for a liquid eyeliner with a fine brush, and decided to purchase two from ELF in the vain hope she had found her ideal eyeliner. She wasn't disappointed.
(yes these two pictures were taken in my car haha)
The top and bottom lines are the plum- they look practically black and there is a very faint hint of purple. The middle line and the squiggle is the coffee. I think JEM was more taken with the coffee than the plum, however this may change when she gets to play with them properly.

All in all I would buy more ELF products, its just a shame that you can't buy them in the shops, however for the price and the super speedy delivery I can't complain.

I'm off to watch the X Factor, being good and stopping in. Happy Saturday you sexy beauts xxx