Half way through the week- yeyyy.

As I like reading all your whats in and whats out posts, I decided to have one on my blog. So this afternoon me and JEM have had a very very productive afternoon in deciding whats haute and whats not. For some reason when I'm saying something is hot I always write it as "haute".

I warn you now- some of this is quite random haha, oh and I'm gonna abuse the bulletpoints too.

  • MOUNTAIN DEW ENERGY (cause the normal won't do)- lemonade esq goodness with a kick (apparently)- gets JEM all hyper on an afternoon. 2 for £1.50 in Sainsburys bargain!!!
  • SUMMERY DRESSES- wear em with tights and blazers/cardis/leather jackets- hello autumn :)
  • MODELS OWN- grey nail polishes, totally abused the Facebook 50% off sale the other week. Love grey nails- got a review to post for you on their Misty Grey.
  • CHRISTINA HENDRICKS- showing that having a bit of meat on your bones is sexy. I also want my hair her colour too.
  • AUTUMN- hello comfy uggs :)
  • CHEESEBURGERS- random I know- nothing beats a JEM deluxe burger.
  • PHEONIX- 1901 tuuuuunnnneeeee of the highest order. Download their albums now now now.
  • AUTUMN/WINTER CLOTHES- are hitting the shops now- heeellllloooooo gillets and capes and xmas party dresses.
  • CROP TOPS- Yes, you have a ridiculously flat belly. Yes, I'm jealous. Now, feck off so I can eat this cheeseburger in peace please lol.
  • GOING BRALESS- inparticular, braless under a ill fitting maxi dress...invest in some tit tape please.
  • MAN CLEAVAGE- JLS, Jude Law- come on- low cut is for women not for men.
  • ALEXANDRA BURKE- your new single is rubbish and you look in pain in your new video when you "dance". Go away please, thank you.
  • KATE MOSS FOR TOPSHOP- the partnership has ended :( nooooooooooo
  • LUMBERJACK SHIRTS- this is JEM not me, I love em, JEM hates them.
  • END OF SUMMER- farewell pretty flip flops, toodle pip gladiator sandles :(
So thats the results of our productive afternoon at work. See this is what work does to you lol xxx