This was actually wrote last week with JEMmiekins however I've just gotten around to posting it now. I think you can tell it was another productive day at work. Apologies in advance for the randomness/general not making any sense what so ever.

  • Animal print- release your inner bet lynch. This is the one thing I love about A/W is the unleashing of animal print. I've done a piece for Laura's fab blog on this which will be coming soon.
  • JEM’s “special” romper PJ's from Primark- she's living in them at the moment. She would wear them to work if she could.
  • Biker Boots- or as I like to call them Pit Boots. Can't seem to find the perfect pair though (any ideas would be greatly appreciated).
  • Statement Rings- the more rings the better. I want a knuckle duster- a nice shiny one.
  • Cheesy beans- THE best food ever- baked beans + cheese = cheesy beans. Stir in a bit of bbq or brown sauce and be a rebel.
  • Gordon Ramsey- THE saviour of channel 4. I want to adopt him.
  • Jackets over dresses- blazers/leather jackets all looks good (gets a bit extra wear out your summer dresses).
  • H+M online- pile of tat, certain clothes not in stock or dispatched until October. No thanks.
  • Alexandra Burke (again)- seriously get a stylist- you looked a clip on the Help for Hero concert. AND YOU CANNOT DANCE.
  • Velvet- seriously I am not 10 years old any more, I don’t want to wear a velvet dress. Sorry I just don't get it.
  • Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week- you looked strange and gaunt. Maybe have a burger too. However I did love your collection and its your best one yet (so you are forgiven)
  • No more Saturdays 24/7- booooooooo
  • Julian Macdonald- you tell size 8 people they are fat, you need a slap. You have a funny face so you shouldn't judge others. Let him be a warning of the reasons why you shouldn’t get botox. Put him on your door to scare away children.
Speaking of Julian Macdonald.. following a random chat on Twitter about dearest Julian, Lisa kindly did the honours of defacing him..... much better wouldn't you agree??

Hahaha that picture makes me laugh.
One more day until the weekend yey xxx