Here we are.. the first "Featuring" post done by the lush Victoria India aka vipxo. Check out her fab blog here. I want her McQueen Tee so badly, anyway enough from me... 

Hi everyone! My names Victoria India and I'm a 3rd year BA fashion design & production student, living just outside Leeds with my boyfriend Matt.
I love cups of tea, orange chocolate and bubble baths.
Im a real bargin hunter and I have a very recycled style of dressing. Im still wearing things I wore 3+ years ago! It’s always about making the most of what you got and saving your pennies.

So why am I here? Well I thought I’d do a DIY galaxy t-shirt.
Before deciding to make one myself I searched for hours on the internet trying to find a cheapish one on a clothes website (see, a real bargin hunter) but alas, I found nothing, or ones that were at least £40. For a t-shirt, I don’t think so.
So when I came across
this post I thought YES! Result!

What I then did was buy a plain black mens t-shirt for £2 from Primark. I wanted a really big one so I could get the most out of it.I got some bleach, rubber gloves and elastic bands.

Here’s what I did: Section off where you want the bleach, and tie around with elastic bands. I did about 2 large ones and a couple of smaller ones (like tie dye).

Leave for no more than 3 minutes and then rinse through.

This what it looked like outside drying

The next day after it was dry I brought some Acrylic paints, I find them really easy to use and they’re quite solid in colour. I got a 10 colour set for £10 which isn’t bad at all really.
Then all I did was flick paint on, using different size brushes and different thicknesses. The good thing about using these paints is that the dry really quickly.

So here’s the final t-shirt:

It’s not the best, but I don’t think it’s bad for a first go and it’s something I’ll try again.

I hope you’re inspired now to have a go yourself!