Hands up there who thinks they've got the best husband/boyfriend/other half in the world?  All of you?
Well, I'm sorry.  I have some bad news… you're wrong.  It's mine.

The other week, on HIS birthday, hubby took me shopping and bought me a pair of Carvela court shoes in taupe, which it has to be said are the most beautiful shoes I have ever owned in my life.  (Don't worry, he got some presents too!).  They were on special as an end-of-season thing (I assume) but I strongly doubt that beige court shoes will EVER go out of style.  I am already planning the myriad of outfits that will be perfectly complement these gorgeous shoes!

And they make my legs look soooooo long and thin!!!  Oh, lovely lovely shoes.  Lovely lovely husband.

Whats your favourite pair of shoes??

Love JEM xxx

PS- the KG reference- Ray gives me the nod to go beat him up. Scummy boy. I don't condone violence however in this exception its needed haha.