Hello my lovelies, Ray has gone awol and left me in charge today.

As it's starting to get a bit chilly on the mornings, it put me in mind of one of my favourite winter accessories - gloves.

Ever since I gave my favourite ever leather gloves away to a tramp last year in York (don't ask, it was freezing and I was really drunk) I have been drooling over several replacement styles. 

The way I see it, you can go one of three ways with gloves.
Think mittens on strings, pom pom festooned fingerless pop gloves and chunky cable knits - get in touch with your inner three year old (dummy optional)We love:

Tommy Hilfiger Armwarmers £25 from www.littlewoods.com

2.StylishA good quality pair of leather gloves will never go out of style (and I should know, I keep giving mine away to homeless people when I get drunk) and are the perfect accompniment to this season's classy, sophisticated 50's look (they will go well with the new camel coat I'm pestering hubby to buy me).  Go for bow/button detail on the cuffs and a good tight fit (remember leather gloves will wear in just like a good pair of shoes)  Bonus factor:  I can still hit the buttons on my mobile to send a text without taking them off!

We love:

Bow and Stitch detail leather gloves £22 from Accessorize.

Anything military, utilitarian, or a big rough looking.  Think canvas patches, plain dark colours, biker chic.  We love:

Firetrap long mitten with canvas patches £20 from www.houseoffraser.co.uk

That's all girlies - wrap up warm!!!
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