And now for something completely different...

So, thought I'd give you something that WASN'T Model's Own for a change, just in case you peeps were getting bored with it.  Also, Ray keeps stealing most of my collection so I'm keeping them all well hidden for now (note from Ray- JEM gets a hefty pile of magazines in exchange for nail polish lendage.. cheeky mare haha).

So, this is a little one I picked up ages ago from Collection 2000 Hot Looks in number 32 - BMX Bandit


  • This is a gorgeous colour, blue in some lights and purple in others - but it goes really really well with denim.
  • Despite being a tetchy little bottle, the brush is actually quite a good size and the lid, being smaller and slightly flared at the top, is easier to hold onto than Model's Own.
  • The price is fab - £1.79 each or currently on special at 2 for £3 at Boots stores.
  • It really does dry quicker, I think about two mins and I was ready to start typing this post.
  • Ray probably won't steal this one (again note from Ray- someone's gun metal grey models own is gonna get smashed....cheeky meff).

  • It doesn't last - even with two layers of top coat, it still starts chipping on the second day.
  • There are no ball bearings in the bottle so you have to give it a ruddy good shake to agitate it properly.
  • Drags quite a bit on the first coat, however the second one usually sorts it out.

On the whole tho, a great colour at a great price.  Have any of you bought any from Collection 2000?  What do you think of the colours?
JEM xxx