Now imagine how happy I was last Friday when this little package came in the post for me.

After a month wait- via a detour to Barbados I finally recieved my Crest Whitening Strips- how I have been pining for these.

Now I know some people may be a bit wary about using these however I can't rave enough about them- they really do work. I recieved 28 pouches, each containing an upper and lower strip for your teeth. Realistically this should last you 14 days (30 mins twice a day with each pouch). However I only bleach my teeth twice a week if I am out at the weekend/if I can be bothered, and I only use one pouch per session- I wear the one strip for an hour. So these will last me a good 4-6 months.

Now I will warn you though- it does make your teeth a bit sensitive the day after, and I always brush my teeth with sensitive toothpaste. However normally the sensitivity goes after a couple of hours. You will start to see effects within 2-3 weeks of using them. Also they're completely safe to use and don't damage your teeth- I asked my dentist the other week. Its a cheaper cost effective way to whiten your teeth.

Picture from Google Images.

These aren't avaliable in the UK, and to purchase them I always use ebay and they cost between £18-£22 which isn't bad. If you are interested in buying some, please note that in America Crest have changed the packaging of these, so if you can get these do it.