I have to admit I am a fan of the slogan tee and how versatile they can be. Now when I saw this tee on Princess Ri-Ri, I realised how much of a statement they can be.

In all honestly I was expecting this tee to be well over a £100, however I was very suprised when I found out it was only £40 from http://www.shediedofbeauty.com/.

The tees have been designed by supermodel Erin O'Connor and stylist Kate Halfpenny and state that

"The inspiration behind the brand name and collection is to make “a teasing yet affectionate tickle at the fashion industry we continue to love, honour and serve”, showcased through a capsule collection of invigorating and lovingly created organic cotton t-shirts and bags in a classic monochrome palette"

So my name is Ray and I died of Perfection haha xxx