So... as you may have all realised I do not post pictures of myself on here... why.. I don't know. Maybe I like the air of mystery surrounding "Who is She". I had made a conscious decision not to reveal myself when I started up this blog, and considering I know what you all look like- its only fair you see me.

I was meaning to do a post on my favouritest dress in the world ever- THE VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, so instead of me taking a picture of the dress, I thought (after consultation with JEM haha) that I would just show a picture of me in the dress.

Now this was taken over a year ago and last time I checked my hair is really long and red, and I don't have a fringe no more. I still have the stupid cheesy grin.

So an outfit of the night...

Dress is Vivienne Westwood- £170 in the sale
Shoes appear to be Dotty P
Studded belt is from Topshop
Clutch is vintage

So thats my ugly mug haha x