As JEM decides to have a week off work and leaves me, this was mainly done by me, and then sent over to (skiver) JEM to add her bits. She bought me lunch today so I can't complain that much haha.

  • Look Show- 2nd year for Look’s annual fashion show. Affordable fashion for all from the high street. Also major kudos for using “average sized” models.
  • All of you- Massive thank you to everyone who has commented/followed/viewed/guest posted on the blog, means a lot to us both that you are interested in mine and JEM’s randomness.
  • Shops having not much in - hardly nothing decent in the shops at the moment = Ray saving money to buy a house. Tea and Cakes at mine anyone?
  • Dinky bracelets- Just ordered a load of asos, stack them up- love it.
  • Autumn- hats/scarfs/gloves anyone? Snug as a bug in a rug (See JEM's glovelove- that sounds a bit wrong).
  • Barry M nail effects- I need some of this in my life.
  • Gastro Porn - (JEM) eating crisps or toast in front of Masterchef/Saturday Kitchen/Nigella
  • PAYDAY- nuff said.
  • New season's camel coats - snug, chic, and practical.  I think I'll have two.
  • Giveaway- enter enter enter.
  • Work minus JEM- pah pah pah.
  • JEM’s chapstick betrayal. I feel cheated!!!!
  • BMI- misleading/complex giving not good at all.
  • Cold weather- hate being cold during the night brr.
  • Harem pants (JEM) - I sooo do not look like Kate Moss when I'm wearing these.  In fact, I look like a slightly overweight white version of MC Hammer.  So... I'm over the trend.
  • Parka jackets - okay for walking the dog, but who decided these were going to be a dressed up look? Scruffyscruffy JEM says.
  • Glittery daytime wear - well I can't seem to pull this off.  Again, it looks great on the rich and famous but I'd be the laughing stock of the canteen if I turned up in lurex microminis for work.
  • Julian Macdonald- well as the saying goes.. you can't polish a turd... or can you....

Nope you can't. Massive thank you to my darling Lisa and her fab artistry.

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