Thought I would share with you what I normally have in my handbag on a night out- I really enjoy reading (or should that be snooping or noseying) about whats in your bags, so here's mine.

So firstly- I had my Chanel XL Jumbo bag out with me that night. Love this bag so much- fits so much "rubbish" in :)

Geek specs- I now have 2 pairs of these so I'm assuming I've swiped these of some random bloke. Always the sign of a good night- stolen booty!!

Camera- used to take this picture. Mine is a Samsung ES17 (has a mind of its own and you have to wait an hour before it takes the picture).

LV Coin Purse- never normally has any money in it by the end of the night.

Blackberry- how did life exist pre-blackberry? Once you have a blackberry you never go back haha.

Chewing gum- no smelly breath for me. You never know who you might meet.

Malboro menthols- now smoking isn't cool, don't smoke its wrong and your hand will drop off if you do. Don't do it.

Lipstick- both Mac- lipglass in Florabundance (my HG of lipgloss) and lipstick in Hue (glaze). These go really well together.

Boi-ing- always have it just to be on the safe side.

Mac Blushcreme in Posey- if I don't have this in my bag, normally its bronzer instead.

Mascara- Max Factor False Effects- would be lost without this.

Eyeshadow- For some reason I can't go out having nude (ish) eyes- I love to have a good smokey eye. I swear by Mac Typographic.

Make up brushes- Now after a painful incident in Fat Buddha where I lost my Mac 219 brush in the loos, I don't take my Mac brushes out with me. So what did I get for Christmas last year off the bestie- a small set of Mac brushes bless her. So for a night out I take a shading brush by Models Own and then from the Mac set a 212SE (flat) brush.

I also normally have a comb and a couple of perfume samples in my bag too.

The kitchen sink might be in there somewhere too...

Nothing out of the ordinary I have to admit xxx