I am going to apologise first- if any of you follow me on Twitter you will know that I kinda went a bit deranged with the comments of the rubbish outfits most of the contestants had on Saturday(plus I had the start of this virus then hehe).

Don't get me started about Cheryl being on the rag for the first half of the show neither. So as suggested I have collated it into a post for you all to read and to have some insight into how my brain makes me have fashion related torrettes.

I feel a bit like Joan Rivers here when she is on Fashion Police (10pm Friday nights on E! get it watched- bloody brilliant).
Whor Joan.

 1. The Judges.
WOW WOW WOW- so obviously we know who the stylists spent the most time on. Loving Danni and Cheryls dresses- I want a black dress like Whor Chezza's for Xmas. Is it me or does Louis get younger every year he does the show??
2. Aiden.
"Hi Aiden the Victorians have been on the phone and they have asked if they can have their shirt back, could you be a doll and send it back in time for them. Thanks doll".
3. Divafever
Gliter, Orangeness, Campness what else does a girl need!!! And check out that divalivious pose by the one on the right. Me and Steph aka Cowbiscuits are adopting them. Many people have compared them to Jedward, however unlike Jedward DF have talent.

4. Cher

"....Just be good to me" No sweetheart your singing the wrong lyrics... it should sound like "My, my, my, my music hits me so hard, Makes me say oh my Lord, Thank you for blessing me,With a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet, Feels good when you know you're down, A superdope homeboy from the Oaktown, And I'm known as such, And this is a beat uh you can't touch this". MC Hammer wants his pants back- sorry but these just swamp her. Also when you sing- open your mouth fully (harsh I know).

5. Belleamie

Topshop clones, Topshop Clones (bar the All Saints jumper). However I LOVE topdelashop so I am not complaining. I want those tan boots the girl on the left has on. I don't like the red boots with the jumpsuit though. This is my favourite look of the evening.

6. Katie

Do you remember the programme Mork and Mindy?? Yeah all what I am going to say on this is "nano nano".

6. Wagner.

I loved you playing the bongos...

7. One Direction

A real life walking talking advert for All Saints. Actually this is what all blokes dress like on a night out, and they're young. So i'll let them off.

8. Storm

Let Storm be a lesson to you all- this is what happens when you fall into the craft cupboard at Art Attack and Neil Bucanan takes advatnage of you. Glitter on the eyes, red paint in the hair, black bin bag jacket, and tin foil pants.

9. Treyc

Treyc you are "Simply the best". Loving your snazzy gold cuff too.

10. Rebecca.

This look really suits her, she reminds me a bit of Sade though. The dress is from Mango.

So thats my take on the X Factor fashion- I'll take my bitchy Joan Rivers head off now and return to myself haha.

All pictures from itv.com/google images and all opinions are my very own xxx

Roll on Saturday night again!!!