Thought I would get this in first- 6 dresses from Mossy's last Topshop collection will be on sale tonight from 7pm on as part of Vogue's Fashion Night In.

So anyway... its that time of the year again... Kate Moss's Christmas Topshop collection. However as her partnership with Toppers has come to an end, we all know that people are going to go wild for this collection. Word is whor Chezza is going to be doing some collections- keep your ears peeled for that.

Now for me, I always think KMFT (Kate Moss for Topshop) is quite over priced, for the same quality of stuff in "normal" Topshop, and the sizes (this might just be me) are REALLY small fitting. Now I do have the famous pansy print dress from the first collection (ordered off line at 5am on the launch day) and thats about it. However after seeing these images (now a bin bag would look lush on Mossy), I think I may have found one of my Christmas party dresses....and this collection may be her best one yet...

 Chiffon Star Print Tea Dress- £75.

 Embellished Cape Back Dress- £130.

 Feather Cape- £90.

 Iconic Dobby Spot Dress- £60.

Lace Up Indian Dress- £60.

Shaggy Hood Cardi- £100 (this reminds me of JEMs yak coat).

Shift Dress- £120.

Winter Paisley Poncho- £250 (yes you read right- thats not a typo).

I am in love with the dobby dress and the star print dress- want want want. However knowing my luck I'll look like a frumpy meff in it.