Hey Dolls,

I've been meaning to do this post for ages and ages, and after seeing Steph's post on her MUA lippies I said I would do some swatches for her of the ones which I have. Then that turned into the idea of a full blown post on all of my MUA stuff (minus my smurf blue polish).

Now before I go any further, the grey (shade 20-matt) and green (shade 6- pearl) eyeshadow and the pot of grey eyedust (shade 1) are little presents to go in with my besties birthday presents so obviously I wont be doing swatches of them. The pink (shade 16- matt) and light brown (shade 17- matt) I've tried to do swatches but my camera wouldn't pick them up. I normally wear the light brown for work, however you can't really tell that I'm wearing any eyeshadow.

So for lippies- I have shade 4 (light pink), shade 7 (dark pink) and then shade 13 (bright red).
I normally wear a cheap lipstick for work as I don't really want to waste my Mac lipsticks/lipglosses being sat behind a computer all day, so lately I've been wearing shade 4, and if I'm brave shade 7. Now I am normally the kind of girl to wear either pale pinks or nude lipsticks as I always have a smokey eye on a night out. I have been eyeing up quite a few of the Mac red lippys however I don't want to pay £12 for a lipstick which I don't like. Hence this £1 beaut, and to be honest pillar box red lipstick doesn't really suit me- it makes my lips look weird.

Finally bronzer in shade 1, blusher in shade 4 and shade 1.
The bronzer is an exact dupe for my Mac Refined Golden bronzer (why use the good stuff for work), and this is the bronzer I normally take with me on a night out. I'm not too keen on the smell of it though- smells like cheap talcum powder. But for a pound you can't complain, and you do get value for money.

Blush shade 4 reminds me of Mac Style blush, and a little does go a long way. Shade 1 is the colour I've been using in conjunction with my coralista. However like the bronzer it has the ming talcum powder smell.

I am a fan of the range, however I won't be recommending the mascara (shade 5, black).
Immediately after putting this on my right lashes, my eye started stinging and watering really bad. Now as I had my contacts in at the time I thought that it could have been that. I tried it again a few days later without my contacts in and my eye did the same again, and became very itchy and red. Obviously I've had some sort of reaction to it, and I warn others to be careful when using it.

Whats your experiences of the MUA range?? xxx