Isn't it a chew on trying to find the perfect Christmas Party dress??

Normally I am running around the Metro Centre the night before trying to find the perfect dress. However this year I have found it... (and mentioned it on a previous post).

The Kate Moss for Topshop Black Dobby Spot Print Dress.

Newcastle Topshop didn't have it in a 12, and the Metro Centre or Durham doesn't have the concession in. I emailed a seller on ebay who said they would sell me a used one for £55 (I think I would pay the extra fiver for a brand new one).

This is where I ask you all for a MASSIVE FAVOUR... does any of you have this dress in your wardrobes which you are willing to sell or does the Topshop near you have this in?? I'm waiting to hear back from a friend to see whether Middlesbrough have the concession in. Really want this dress for the 10th December.

Can any of you help please?? xx

Update- just had a seller from ebay contact me. I've got the dress for £30!!! Hurrah. Now what shoes to wear with it?? haha xxxx