Hello my lovelies,
I know from first hand experience how much of a chew on it is to find the "perfect" outfit for your christmas parties/nights out. Normally the idea of what type of outfit we have in our mind, we can never find in the shops- sods law I know.

Personally to me as my birthday is on the 4th January, I prefer to spend money on one dress which I can use for black (or mad) friday and then for my birthday night out. I then buy other pieces which go with dresses or leggings which I have, and work my wardrobe around that.

I've decided to do a weeks worth of posts along with JEM (today's been the first day I've been able to speak to her properly) on my favourite picks from the highstreet on all aspects of your party outfit (including hair/makeup).

I'm also going to throw in items which I already have to show you what I'll be wearing over the festive period (IF THIS BLOODY SNOW WILL BUGGER OFF).

If there is an item of clothing you like/don't know what to wear with it, or your personal items of clothing, let me know (either comment, tweet or email me) and I will let you know what I think.

Gok eat your heart out girlfriend