I like to plan, I like to make lists, I like to plan for the unexpected. I like a good plan!!

So as I'm off to York next Thurs to abuse CCO for some Mac goodies, the aim was to buy no more Mac and clothes until then....

Step into Fenwicks at Newcastle and that went straight out of the window.

Now whenever I buy Mac in Newcastle I always go to the small counter on the ground floor next to the doors (people from the NE will know what I'm on about), as I prefer the customer service there. However as it was so busy (probs cause the mua are so nice), I had to go to the main counter downstairs.

After seeing the swatches of Cut a Caper on Vivianna's blog I decided just to get that lipstick and nothing else. Did I end up getting that lippy?? Nope...

I ended up getting the empty 15 pan pallette, Woodwinked eyeshadow to go in it, and then my 4th choice lippy (Patisserie) as everything was sold out and they couldn't be bothered to phone upstairs.

Look at my poor empty pallette. I am really OCD about my makeup (no-one is allowed to touch it) hence the shadow being in a random place. Fingers crossed next week I can find some goodies to go in it.

Patisserie is on the left, Woodwinked on the right. Really liking wearing Woodwinked for work, and then mixing it with Honey Lust and Mythology for a more golden smokey eye.

As long as I can remember my parents would take me and my brother to Fenwicks to look at the christmas window, and then when I was at uni in Newcastle the "Fenwicks Christmas Window is Coming" signs would always get me in the mood for Christmas.

While looking through the Fenwicks Christmas Shop... I came across these rather interesting decorations..

Nice massive raindeer.

I wanted to get the owl to scare my Dad, how freaky is it!!!

Has anyone been to the CCO in York lately?? Whats the stock like??

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