Hello lovelies,

Off to see Peter Kay tonight- woop woop.

I have been in two minds whether to post this about how I have lost 12lb in 3 weeks as some of you may think it is verging on the ridiculous/extreme, however this works for me. Remember if you are deciding whether to loose any weight- do it sensibly and don't do anything stupid.

Right before I start I will tell you a couple of facts about myself- I am 5ft 10" and clothes wise I am a 10 or a 12 (blame the massive boobage haha). I won't be revealing my weight, as I don't feel comfortable with that, however remember with me being so tall, obviously I am going to weigh more than someone who wears the same size clothing who is shorter than me. I was happy (wouldn't say 100% confident) with the way I looked, however I saw a picture of me from a night out wearing a tight dress, sitting down with the world's biggest gut. I deleted the photo instantly or I would have shared it with yous to prove my point.

Now the Bristol Beauty Blog mentioned that she was thinking of doing a weight-loss challenge, to lose 7lb by Xmas. Perfect reason to do something about it. If anyone wants to join in, do it- the support from the other ladies is fantastic and I'm grateful for the words of encouragement from them.

Onto the diet...you need to be very disciplined at first (warning you now)

Think about when you have been ill with an upset stomach and you haven't ate properly for a few days and when you go to eat something you get full straightaway?

THIS IS THE PRINCIPLE BEHIND THE DIET- shrink your stomach, so you eat less, but feel full!!

My diet for the first 10 days (not including the nandos and meal at fat buddha haha) was as follows-

Breakfast- Small bowl of cereal and milk.
Lunch- salad (cucumber, lettuce, chicken or a few pieces of cheese, red pepper) with balsamic vinager.
Tea- whatever was in the house.
Drinks- one cup of tea a day (I used to drink 12+), one glass of orange juice, and as much water as you like. No snacking if possible. If you snack- keep it to once a day.

Note- no bread at first.

By doing this your stomach is being shrinked as your not eating as much. If you need a snack, I would have a bite (yes a bite- you'd be suprised that it ties you over) of a Asda healthy living cereal bar.

After the 10 days I started to introduce a sandwich for my lunch twice a week, and have the occasional biscuit. Also I banished crisps to one packet a week (if that).

As soon as I felt full I would stop eating- even if there was 2 mouthfuls left on my plate.

Exercise wise- the grounds at work has a mile walk around it. I powerwalk it at least 3 times a week in under 20 mins (thats my challenge), and always take the stairs.

I have to be honest with you I was craving chocolate bad, but I am now at the stage (4 weeks) of starting to introduce more food back into my diet, so hello chocolate :) I'm still walking every lunch too.

I know this may seem a bit extreme and takes a lot of will power at first, but it is sucessful. I'm chosing more healther food to eat (something which I wouldn't do before), kicked my tea habit, I'm not as tired anymore, and I haven't had a spot in ages (watch me get a spot now).

Hope that helps, if you have any questions either comment or email me direct xxx

Ps- Sleek I am hating you- can't get on the blooming site!!