....until the Boxing Day Sales begin!!!

I love the sales, love love love them. Coming from a girl who has two wardrobes, and 2 sets of drawers full of clothes... its the perfect excuse to buy more clothes :)

Now this month I was supposed to be buying no clothes until the Boxing Day sales, and I have been doing really well... until Saturday. Remember that horse shoe print blouse I bought in Primark in Manchester?? Well they have a sweatshirt with that print on, and I just had to have it and it was only £6 and I really needed it and if I didn't buy it my hand was going to drop off, and so I had to have it ok.

I have crap will power I know.

Now as next year I really need to sort my act together and buy a house, I have to start seriously budgeting. However it would be rude not to have one last splurge before I start saving. Here's what I really want in the Topshop sale...providing they go in the sale...fingers crossed...

Basic Zip Exposed Vest (currently £28), Desert Floral Print Blouse (currently £33), Peter Pan Tunic (currently £28).

Cream Feather Print Kimono (currently £38), Stripe Cream Dress (currently £38)- I've been told by JEM to pick her one of these up, Floral Batwing Kimono (currently £50)- you know how much I love this.

Will any of you be braving the Boxing Day sales?? Ooooo I also want those glitter dorothy shoes from Topshop too- can't find any pictures of those though :(

Break up from work tomorrow woop woop xxx