Hello peeps! JEM is back in action and raring to go!!

Ray and I once again have taken the pain out of the festive season and brought you the very best of the Christmas party wear from the comfort of your living room.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I'll begin.

THE BEST OF…. Shoe Boots:
We are both a lover of the shoe-boot, as they are slightly warmer and a bit more sensible than strappy sandals:

Therefore, when I found these…
we agreed they are completely sexual - altho at £120 you might have to start sweet talking the other half for Christmas… from Miss KG (Kurt Geiger) - and Ray, I promise if I ever win the lottery I will get you these.

However, since neither of us MADE of money with it being Christmas, I have also found these:

£22 and £20 F+F at Tesco, A bit BLINGGGGG for £85 (down from £105) from Office, Red Suade Boots £16 Asda (bargain).

For those who don't want to wear towering skyscrapers:
£7 New Look, £85 from Office (wedges are so much more comfy than heels anyways), These, at £25 from Tesco are great for a slightly more informal do, maybe to go with a pair of skinny jeans for an afternoon session at the pub?

I have also found for you...

THE BEST OF… Court Shoes:

To make your LBD stand out a bit further, try a bright colour and matching fingernails:

Red Courts £15 Tesco, Although anyone who knows me will know I LOVE my nude Kurt Geiger courts.  These are very cute for £25 from Next, I know Ray's got her eyes on the Grey Suade Courts £20 from Next.

And these for something a bit jazzy:

£15.99 New Look, Kelly Osborne pink court shoes £36.00 from Dorothy Perkins
(part of the Breast Cancer Care promotion - £10 of the cost will go towards treating breast cancer).

And finally, although I don't recommend you wearing them in the snow:

THE BEST OF… Strappy Sandals:

£60 Lipsy, The Look Shoe £88 Office, £19.60 (sale) Dorothy Perkins, £40 Dorothy Perkins.

… and in the meantime, I will be sitting at home drinking the cocoa and wearing:
£13 Miss KG, £12.50 Asda

As there is no way I'm going out in this snow, I'm hibernating
… and laughing at you all freezing your butts off.  Enjoy!!!


Tomorrow- jackets and cover ups.