I always find it quite hard to buy birthday and christmas presents for my bestie as we both have different tastes on some things, then other things we agree on (if that makes sense). Now the other week when I was reading Steph's blog I came across a review on her cousin Heather's jewellery making business- Little Creations Jewellery.

Now as soon as I saw the pictures of her licorice allsorts bracelets I knew the bestie would love the items from this site, as she loves kitch and unusual jewellery. And as I was stumped on what to buy her, I knew this was fate!! Now there is a shop in Durham- not naming no names who sell their own version of the licorice all sorts bracelet and I think dolly mixture ones too- at £18 each, yes you read right- £18.

What I love about Heather's jewellery that even though everything is handmade by Heather herself, but the items are reasonably priced- which is brilliant.

These are the items I bought...

Whippy Cupcake key ring- £3.50. I think I am going to order one of these for myself as its too cute. Also I think JEM will probably one want after seeing this, as she is obsessed with cupcakes.

Bow and Penguin hair slides £2 a pair. 

Some close ups- how cute are the penguins??

Honestly I can't rave enough of how fab Heather's items are, if you're stuck for a last minute Christmas gift, or just want to buy something for yourself- have a look on Heather's site.

These gingerbread men earrings are my favourite- and there are pirate gingerbread men too!!!
Picture taken from Steph's blog.

Twitter- @LCJewellery

Now I just have to start wrapping all my xmas presents up now- tourture!!! xx

Please note I am not affiliated with Little Creations Jewellery, all items I purchased myself with my own money. I just wanted to share the site with all of yous.