....come again on Chirstmas Day!!!

So the snow has finally defeated me, and I'm unable to get into work today too. My emails won't work properly from home so I can't do work and I've left my memory stick in my drawer so Day 3 of the Christmas Party Outfit will be put back a day or two.

It appears now I won't be able to go to York tomorrow neither. I am sickened off!!!

Here's some pictures- if anyone wants this snow- you're welcome to it.
Not so bad on Saturday.

Bloody Freezing

View from the window at work on Monday- the trees look quite Christmassy- shame about the state of the carpark.

Back Garden this morning.

Out front of mine- my poor car Lord Charles (he's a lord after Fridays escapde), snowed in.

Hunter bad boys woop woop. The only good thing to come out of the snow.