Hurrah I finally have a working laptop again, so I have a backlog of posts ready for you... and shock horror they actually contain some pictures of yours truly.

So first up, was the evening of the purple party hat aka mine and Holly's post (which should have been pre) xmas night out on the bank holiay monday after xmas. Now as you will have been aware with my constant whinging over twitter and on here about me being ill over xmas, no amount of make up could make me look half awake/decent. So  if you do suffer from a nervous disposition or a dicky stomach I would scroll right to the bottom of the post haha.

So what did I wear...
Wet look leggings- Topshop
Vest- Topshop Boutique
Blazer- River Island
Aqua Necklace- Topshop
Gold Mens Watch- Asos
Links of London Bracelet
Chanel XL Jumbo bag (not shown)
Next Gladiator Heels (not shown)
Oh and me trying my Wayfarers (Rayban)on too. 

Now me and Holly both made a massive realisation on that night as to why we don't go out on a Bank Holiday Monday- all the inbreds are let loose. So we made a quick dash back to the car... however a couple of pictures of us pissing around wearing the party hat needed to be shared with you all....

Holly got a bit shy....

However the food in Buddha as per was bloody gorgeous.... Holly is definately a buddha convert.

I'm hungry now xx