Hello all,

Well, in follow-up to the last post about Betty Hula face products, I've found my skin drying out even further.  Not just on my face, but all over my body, even my eyebrows and hair, feel dry like a lizard who's spent too long basking in the 40 degree sun.  So I've started a new beauty regime with just ONE £1.89 product only and it's making me feel a million times better.

And the miracle product for severe dryness is...
Johnson's baby oil(not made with real babies).

It's wonderfully cheap, and smells like babies, talc, fabric softener and clean yummy things.  It's (obviously) completely hypo-allergic, so won't upset even the most sensitive skin (which is me at the moment).

I have used it in leiu of facial moisturiser (only recommended if like me your skin is so dry it's flaking off without warning) I have found it makes a good body lotion, chapstick, even hair conditioner (just add a tiny bit to the very dry tips of my hair for instant gratification).

I've mixed it with equal parts table salt and it makes the best body scrub and exfolient I've used (better than soap and glory's flake away, even).

I've used it on wet skin from the shower, and it's second to none for locking in extra moisture (up to ten times more, say the adverts).

I've used it as a massage oil, an anti-stretch mark oil (yep, 22 weeks and not a single one yet!) and as a bath oil.

In short, I think I've covered every square inch of my body with this stuff and I feel better than I have in weeks.  I wonder if it comes in a bigger vat - I think me and babyJEM are going to go through a lot of this stuff!!!

I have just realised that its on offer in Asda for £1 per bottle, so its actually a £1 must have lol.