I have a love/hate relationship with my hair- I love the length, and my colour, however I wish it had more of a style to it. However I hate my hair being messed with- I only let those who work at my cousins hairsalon cut my hair. No one else. I think this stems from having super short layers cut in my hair, when all what I asked was some layers around the bottom.

Isla Fisher (natural fab hair colour), Khloe Kardahian (LOVE), Ashlee Simpson, Whor Chez

When I first met JEM on our first day at Shittyinfo- yes thats what the place was called (it was that bad we were in the pub on our second lunch drinking vodka), I had blonde hair which I loved, caused by highlights upon highlights. Then it went to a dark chocolate brown, but then the blonde came back through (my hair was in terrible condition). So after a year of random shades of chocolate brown, I decided I wanted my hair copper (a la Ashlee Simpon), managed to get the colour, and with my natural hair colour being a light brown, my roots went bright ginger (and stayed that colour) and then after washing the ends all faded and roots stayed bright. That colour lasted a week before it went dark dark brown.

Ri-Ri, Nicola Roberts (love her coral hair), Emma Stone (why did you have to dye your hair blonde), Paloma Faith

Then the love affair with red hair began- 1/3 red, 2/3 light brown. Oh how much I love my hair colour- in some lights it looks red, other lights dark brown, when the colour washes out, it goes redder. However I think its time for a change... time to go more red. Honestly my hair has been every single shade under the sun bar grey (however I found my first grey the other month, I'm still in denial about that) and black.

Sharon Osbourne (the leader of the pack, Queen of red hair) and three random google images

I think since F-Mac (Florance and the Machine) came on the scene, celebs are going crazy for red hair. Or is it since my hair is red I just notice it more?? I think with it being this type of year red hair is way more popular. There's something about having red hair which I love, I don't know what it is- maybe cause its different? Two of my favourite bloggers also share the "red love".
Steph and Lisa both look fab with their hair colours- both compliment their skin tone and seriously how fab do they look. I know Steph is toying with going back brown (she'll look fab regardless), however I think she should keep the ginge (her words not mine). Lisa has recently had slices of ginger put through her hair, which gives a totally natural look, and she's already booked in to have more red put in (she's going to be the Nicola Roberts of the blogging world soon). Check out their blogs asap.

So what colour for me, I know I'm following the trend, but I really love Cheryls mahogany shade (even though its out of a bottle). Its red enough to satisfy my craving for more red, but is still dark enough, so when it does start to wash out its not going to be a funny colour (famous last words). However I do wonder whether Cheryl actually did it herself, or did she get one of her stylists to do it for her??

What colour should I go for?? Should I go all Cheryl??

Ps- after Jan's suggestion of having a kitkat, I've decided that I'm not going to be posting as much over the next few weeks, however "Who is She" is here to stay, whether you like it or not haha. Thank you for all your kind words on here, via twitter and via email.

Muchos love as always xxx