Now for some reason I've had these pictures on my blackberry for about 2 weeks now, and I've just gotten around to posting this. So as you know I've had my fibre glass extensions on now since the beginning of December, and I've just had my first lot of infills done- one nail kinda was peeled off, just to see what state my nail was in underneath, and I have to admit- no damage done to my natural nail.

My natural nails underneath have been growing like wildfire and now are the same length as my extensions. So the other week when I got them infilled and filed right down (couldn't get my contacts out without blinding myself), I got Jill aka nail technician to the stars to paint my nails this colour. You know mine and JEM's love affair with Models Own, and this colour as per lives up to the expectations I've come to expect with MO.

Let me introduce you to Club Tropicana aka Coral Reef...

Can I just state that the back of my nails look a bit naff purely because I'd just applied fake tan to my legs and I hadn't cleaned my nails properly. I am not a dirty manky skank who has rancid nails.

Now these photos were taken after just one coat and as you can see, one coat is more than enough. I would say its more redder than orange, however the colour lasted for about 10 days without chipping. Love love love.

Back to work tomorrow- urgh!!!