I need your help fellow bloggers, I would tweet but my Blackberry has died a sorry little death and I've left my charger at home (cue a very unhappy Ray at work today). I need sometime of top to go with my leather shorts (aka Lederhosen as they are now known as).

Now as they have zips on, I would rather have some sort of plain (yet dressy) top to go with it. Ideally something Topshop as I know their tops are long enough for me, and long enough to tuck in but not look like I have had some sort of accident in my pants... what a lush thought.

Anyway here are my favourites from the Topshop site and a picture of the shorts. Which shirt/top do you think will look better?? Oh and I won't be wearing tights with them neither!! Bare legs all the way.

The Lederhosen.

Cream crop tab sleeve shirt £36, Cream tab front silk shirt £40, Sand short sleeve safari shirt £36.

Splody animal burnout tee £22, Blue drop arm vest £28, Basic shell top £10.

Peach grandad collar shirt £36, Sleeveless cropped tab shirt £36, Silk longsleeved shirt £40.

I think from looking at them, I definately think a shirt (keep me a bit warm in the cold) and I have two favourites. However what would you pair them with??