So the blogger meet up FINALLY took place last weekend, and what a fab weekend it was sampling the sights and sounds of Durham (aka Dirrrttttyyy Duzza). Myself, JEM (and bump), Ellie, Steph, Laura (and Julie) had a fab time eating too much, and drinking one too many cocktails, whilst hopefully the latter not getting scarred for life with some of the sights they faced on Saturday (and I'm not talking about me being drunk).

I didn't take any pictures of the meal in Tia's (lush mexican food) while JEM was there, however she does exist. The only pictures I do have is from nearly the end of the night in Loveshack where we were getting our groove on. What else happened?? Laura enjoys drinks down her front, Steph had common sense and wore comfy shoes all night, Me and Ellie spent 2 quid very wisely on a 30 second taxi ride, and we learned how to gamble hahaha.
Julie and Ellie. Is that Paul from S Club 7 next to Julie??

Julie, Laura, Steph

Ellie ane Me

Laura, Steph, Moi

Steph, Ellie, Me, Laura

Awww how cute, Laura and Julie

Steph, Laura, Julie, Moi

Fab night with the girlies, can't wait to see them again!!! xxx