So today is my favourite day of the month- PAYDAY, and I was looking forward to some retail therapy (even though I went shopping twice, yes TWICE last Thursday). However this has gone tits up (I love that phrase) as 3 weeks today I will be in Tenerife. Yes I am in the process of booking a last minute holiday, and as this year I am being a skinflint in attempting to save up for a house and refraining from buying any designer handbags I am going to be spontanious and have a holiday.

Now flying scares the living shit out of me, however I am thinking of the lovely duty free I can get...

Anyway these Topshop wants are actually Topshop wishes as I am going to try my hardest not to buy any clothes this month... I'm not holding my breath

Blossom Floral Print Dress £29, Coral Cape Cardi £38
Bright Stripe Vest £16, Camel Fold Over Hareems £38

Apricot Grandad Shirt (I have this however not 100% sure on it) £35, Blue Scallop Hem Shorts £34
Oval Ring £12.50, Floral Crochet Neck Sundress £32.

All Topshop

I now have less than 3 weeks to get a bikini body- arghhhhhhh