So some people have been asking about my fibreglass nail extensions, and I thought I would do a post to show you how fab they are. Now many moons ago, I used to have strong long nails (a bit like JEMs) which grew fast, however working part time in a supermarket totally wrecked my nails. My nails have never recovered- normally I keep my nails short as they split, and as soon as they get to a certain length they split.

I've seen many reviews on blogs about nailene nails and how realistic they look, so I tried some false nails from Boots (can't remember the name but they weren't nailene), and they totally wrecked my nails and looked a complete mess. Luckily my friend Jill is a trained nail technician and offered to put some fibreglass extensions on for me. Now the major advantage of fibreglass extensions is that they are built up via layers (fibreglass wrap is placed on nail bed, and an activating spray builds the layers up) and they don't damage your natural nail underneath.

To date, I've had one lot on infils since beginning of December, and I'm getting my second lot done tonight- purely because of Jill's work shifts, I could have gone another week or two. None of my nails have snapped off, bar my two index fingers which I have peeled off (purely because I had stained the back of my natural nails and they looked horrid), however there is no damage to my nails.
The damage on the top half of my nails were caused by the fake nails I bought from Boots, however as you can see there is no damage to the bottom of my nails.

Another major advantage of having extensions is the fact that my nail polish lasts way longer- this polish (OPI Lincoln Park After Dark- my new fav) has been on my nails for nearly too weeks. The only chips is on the polish on my natural nail as it grows, and this is purely due to the oil in my nails. There is some wear on the tip of my thumb nail purely as I use my thumbs to text on my blackberry.

Could I go back to au natural nails?? Nope I love my fake nails too much.