I think you will probably have gathered from reading the blog that I am partial to a bit of fake tan when I’m on a night out. My hg of all tanning products is St Tropez Mousse- I can’t get enough of the stuff. However my only gripe with this product, is the fact that for a night out- I normally have 3 coats on my legs and 2 on my upper body so I appear to have a tan. Now after reading so many positive reviews in both magazines and on your blogs, I decided to try Xen Tan- I think it was the fact that the darker colour it claims to produce would drastically cut my tanning time.
Before coming into the “blogging community” I would buy products just for the sake of buying, spending far too much money on stuff. However now I do my research, ask for opinions on twitter and then buy the product. I’d done my research on xen tan and opted for a bottle of the deep bronze luxe tan.
What Xen Tan say about this-
"Offering outstanding results, it contains more DHA than our best-selling Deep Bronze product, so offers a deeper colour after just one application. Plus the larger pack means you'll enjoy even more tans from each purchase. It also contains additional vitamin E, Green Tea and skin-loving anti-oxidants that soothe, smooth and nourish skin while providing an instant and natural colour you'll love"
Excited much?? Oh yes, now as soon as I received this product through the post I had to use it. I double checked that the product didn’t look off (it was fine), and the smell- wow no digestive biscuit smelling for me.

However these feelings soon started to disappear, after applying the tan to my legs alarm bells started ringing when there was no colour in the product after putting it on my legs- nothing at all. I had no guidance as to whether my legs were covered or not, as you can tell from the pictures- there is no guidance. Now as I haven’t read on anyone’s blogs about this, I thought it must be normal. But considering St Tropez lotion leaves colour guidance, I was a bit disappointed with there being none. While waiting for the colour to develop I started to doubt whether my product was “off” as there was no change at all in my leg colour- no tan developing nothing.   
Can you see where I have rubbed the product in?? No colour guidance at all.

Next morning, after 12 hours of it being on my legs I wake up to find that my legs have got a slight orange tinge to it, and after rinsing in the shower, my legs were left looking whiter than white- no golden tan, nothing. Disappointment- oh yes.

Overall thoughts on this- I love the smell of the product and thats about it. Considering it didn’t work at all- what a waste of money, I’ll be sticking to the St Tropez Mousse in future.