Does this time actually exist on a Subday morning?? Seriously what is wrong with me and the early morning get up on a Sunday- its not right. Here's the first lot of WHAWN for 2011. Enjoy


  • February - being the shortest space between two paydays in the year therefore it's realistically the only month of the year you can actually save some money.
  • Nearly FLIP FLOP time…
  • Sickness bugs- 5lb weight loss, for 4 days of hell- every cloud has a silver lining.
  • Planning summer jollidays.
  • Easter Bank Holiday is getting closer- which means Sunday drinking sessions.
  • The thought of having an extra bank holiday (whoop whoop!).
  • The Look Show.
  • Cobalt blue - clothes, jewellery, shoes - it all works.
  • Stripes - nautical but nice… if DVF is doing it, then so should we.
  • Maternity leave!!  JEM finishing work in 9 weeks and she can't wait!!
  • Harrison Ford.  He's nearly 70 and JEM still wouldn't kick him out on a cold night.
  • Tangle teezer- where have you been all my life!!
  • The weather… more freaking snow?? Enough already.
  • Sickness bugs- I don’t want to befriend the bottom of the toilet bowl no more.
  • Katie Price on Lets Dance for Comic Relief- was that excessive hair her own… spew.
  • The earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand :( awful.
  • Attempting to plan an outfit - when you decide to wear a dress, it rains.  When you think you're going to wear trousers, it's red hot.  Best just wait til the day, then.
  • Peter Andre- he breathes and he annoys the hell out of me. Stop pimping your children out in every magazine known to mankind.
  • Sandra Bullock's full-on fringe - looks like she's trying to hide under a marsupial.
  • Jason Manford- watching you is like pulling teeth. You’re not funny mate.
  • Steve Jones- you were a welsh fittie, what has happened to you?? Have a shave and sort your hair out (and you're jokes aren't funny).
  • Bruno Mars- I'd throw a bloody grenade off your head mate. Also who walks the streets pulling a piano?? Seriously rent a van- tight arse.

Think I might go back to bed for a bit xx