Seriously where is 2011 going too?? I can't believe we're already in March!! My favourites for this month is quite random, as its being frugal feb, I've been saving as much as possible. All my extra savings last month has just gone on the holiday I booked yesterday, so its going to be a frugal March for me- luckily I only need some new bikinis and I'm sorted. However thats another post for you.

Here's my favourites for February...

Just realised this is a bit of a Mac loving session.

MSF in Medium Plus- I've had this since September-October and when I bought it, I was told by the girl on the counter to use it with foundation. To be honest I prefer using this on its own, and I've been using it pratically everyday now. Definately a staple in my make up bag now.
Mac Blush in Melba- I'm getting a bit sick of only being able to wear Posey when I had a tan, as personally it felt too bright on my cheeks au natural. I've read a lot about this blush, and after a play on the mac counter I am in love with it. It looks fab for work, and I'm yet to try it for a night out (roll on Friday and Saturday).
Max Factor False Effect Mascara- ahhh my HG mascara, I just love this. I've used it up, and instead of repurchasing it me and JEM had a play around in Boots last night I've bought 17 Wild Curls mascara- looking forward to trying this.
Crest Whitening Strips- my teeth needed a boost. I've noticed since cutting down to one cup of tea a day (if that) I haven't had to bleach my teeth as often. You already know how much I love these so I'm not going to harp on about it.
Mac Lipstick in Passiteire- I've spelt that wrong I know, however this is the perfect day to evening lippy. It looks good with a smoky eye, and not too ott for work. Love.

Tangle Teezer- Oh how much I love you, with my hair being coloured for some reason it gets really totty easily. I initally thought this was a fad, however after my hairdresser (aka cousin) used this on my hair, it's drastically reduced the time taken to de-tot my hair. Also fab on my hair extensions- I've noticed a lot less hair coming out of them when used.
Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb- one of my favourite perfumes ever. Love it.
Sudocreme- aka the spot zapper. I've been putting this on spots before bed- next day the spot has gone- FABULOUS.
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark- I wanted to try this as this is what Taylor Jacobson (ex RZ employee) always wears. Its a very dark purple/black. I've been wearing this as an alternative to black nails on a night out. The colour lasts for a good week and a bit on my extensions too. Think I might paint my nails this colour for the weekend.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my previous post- I'll email you either tonight or tomorrow. Decided to run it for 7 days, so there is one spot open if you want to be a guest blogger.

Operation Bikini Body was supposed to start today- but I've had 3 pieces of Rocky Road (omg it was to die for). It will start from now- I'm praying for a miracle.