I think the one good thing about getting older is the fact that my feet are shrinking- does that sound random? Yes it does. So anyone who knows me will tell you that shoes are not my thing. I hate shoe shopping, I'd rather spend my money on clothes/handbags, or actually waste it on rubbish than buy a pair of shoes.

I think many of you will probably be having some sort of fit for me saying that I hate shoes, but I do have good reason...

Being 5'10" and a size 9 feet, shoe shopping was pure torture- no shops used to have decent shoes in such a bigger size. Next used to be the place to go for heels. My going out wardrobe used to consist of one pair of black courts which would go with everything. Any shoes which I would buy would be black. However within the last 3-4 years my feet have been shrinking- look in my wardrobe, there is size 7, 8 and 9 shoes. I like to think that my feet are shrinking but to be honest I think its just the size of the shoes being made a bit bigger.

Oh how I wish my feet were a size 6 and dinky, but I suppose that would have caused far more damage to my bank balance. Thing is primark heels I can be a 7-8, New Look I'm an 8, Topshop size 8 for court shoes is too tight, a size 9 there is a good half an inch of space at the back- I don't think I'll ever win.

Anyway totally drifting off the point of the post... one dress.. what shoes do you prefer..as I can't find the coral Peacocks shoes anywhere (update on this later)
Topshop Cream Floral Dress £46

Loretta Bow Sandles £70 Topshop, Wooden T Bar Sabdles £29.99 New Look, Asos Pump It Up Suede Platform Courts £55, Brown Loafer Heels £24.99 New Look.  

Or my tranny shoe boots, as I like to call them??

Muchos Love xxx

Update on the Peacock shoes for anyone who was wanting them- just had an email from customer services and there is a problem with the shoe, hence a delay in delivery. They are unable to advise a specific date for when the shoes will be in stock.