Hello Lovelies,

Today I have the absolute pleasure of taking over “Who is She” Whilst Ray Suns herself in a foreign destination (I am not jealous at all. honest).

Some of you may already follow my blog but if not I will do a quick introduction to myself…. I am Charlotte and I write a blog called Charlottes Obsessions which primarily features lots of make up talk! Which is what I will be bringing you today. 

I am an incredibly nosey person and love posts such as “what’s in my bag” and “what’s in my makeup bag”. Today I thought I would let you have a little look into my make up bag and the products I am currently enjoying using.

My Make up bag is just a cheapy from Primark but I think it is really pretty.

First up we have the face products. I am a foundation junkie and I am a great believer in creating a perfect base is key to any look.

I really like the Loreal Secrets Primer, it does a nice job of resurfacing my skin which leaves it ready for foundation.

I have had this Collection 2000 concealer for some time but never paid it much attention. I find it easy to blend and find it gives nice coverage and has great staying power. It certainly doesn’t crease either which is always a bonus, not sure you could ask for much more considering it only cost a few pounds.

As I previously mentioned I love foundation so I am always on the hunt for a new on, I picked this Origins Foundation up in my Local CCO (York) the other weekend and I have opted for it everyday. It gives a medium to full finish and has fantastic staying power even without a primer.

I always like to set my foundation with a powder and recently have been reaching for my Mac Prep and Prime Translucent finishing powder. I find the Mac Msf Natural can sometimes cake on me but this is perfect. When this is finished I think I will try the Rimmel one which is supposed to be a good dupe for the Mac One..It's all about saving the pennies right?

I am an absolute eyeliner and mascara freak! I obsess over it! I am always on the search for a new mascara that will give me lashes like the annoying "lash inserts" on the adverts. My latest addition is Benefit Bad Gal..simply amazing (I have a review here).
On my water line I have recently been reaching for the Avon super shock gel eye-liner which has great staying power and is very black. On the top I like to line my eyes with the Loreal Liner. I have recently made a rediscovery with this and I shall defiantly be buying more.

If you read my blog you may have seen the post where I raved about peach coloured products. I am still loving this trend and I am still in love with the blush pictured from Model's Own in Warm Glow. What I love the most about this besides the colour is that is gives a nice sheen to the face meaning you don't have to use a separate highlight product. I am also enjoying Nars Laguna to give my skin that sun kissed look!

I rotate my lipsticks every couple of days and I am currently Loving Mac Shy girl to fit in with my love for peachy colours. I usually opt for a pink but lately have been craving shy girl!

So there we have it, the products I am loving at the moment.

Massive Thank you to Ray for letting me invade her virtual space and please don't come back too tanned or I shall be very jealous!!!