Just realised that I haven't posted any pictures of my ugly mug on here in a long time, so I thought I would share an outfit of the night which I wore the other Friday when I went out for a birthday meal for my brother/staff night out at work. Nothing too flash- I think you can see how tired I was/face like a slapped arse.

I've got my new hair extensions in the pictures below- bit bizarre actually not having to dye them at the hairdressers, can't believe how much of a good match it was. They're supposed to be 18" more like 20". Not liking my thighs in these pictures neither- bloody tree trunks.

Yes its a Topshop Love In.
All clothing items are Topshop
Watch- Asos
Hair Extensions- http://www.buyhair.co.uk/

Sexy leopard print shoes- £20 New Look.
Nail polish- Opi Lincoln Park After Dark

My tash.