So Saturday night I was able to finally be able to flash my holiday tan off, and I thought a new dress was in order (I haven't bought any clothes in March- bar 2 bikinis). I'd seen this dress on the Topshop website and loved it, however JEM and Stephy weren't too keen.

Cue a trip to the Metro Centre on Friday night with Madame Stephy to see if I could get that Zara dress I mentioned last week. In a nut shell the dress was really thick cotton and weighed a ton- very disappointed. On a tangent- I found another dress there, which I fell in love with and knew that that was the dress for Easter Sunday's drinking sesh (picture to come).

As it is my luck, it looked like there was a belt loop missing from the dress so I left it and thought I would order off the website. Guess what- the dress wasn't online- cue a lunchtime dash up to Zara to get the dress. Anyway, back to the point of the post...

I love florals- for some reason everytime I decide to wear a floral dress I always feel summery, and as glorious as the weather was on Saturday, the floral dress I think was a wise investment. So this is my outfit shot taken by the Iamvip photographer in Loveshack (aka the shack of love) on Saturday. I've cut my friend Kayleigh off the picture as she doesn't know about the blog and I don't think its fair in posting random pictures.
Dress- Topshop.
Studded Belt- Topshop.
Gold watch (not seen)- Asos.
Bag- Chanel XL Jumbo.
Shoes- Topshop Aggie Boots (aka my Tranny boots as I'm 6ft3 in them lol)

Quite chuffed that my hair is actually half decent, as normally by the time I am in Loveshack my hair is a mess. Rather impressed with my sample of Mac Studio Fix (NW25) is a perfect match for my skin as normally pictures my face looks too pale (even though I am tanned).

Wish I had sorted my dress out as it makes me look huge (its a size 8- yes me in a size 8, I'm in shock about that too).

Regardless it was a fab night!!! And that is me stopping with ootd pictures for the time being- don't really want my face plastered all over the blog all the time.

Tomorrow- JEMspenk is back....