I am jittery today- I don't know whether its due to the coffee I am drinking or quite frankly due to the AMAZING feature on the Topshop website...

check this out...
You can check stock online!!!!! WOW.
(I also want that dress)

So here are my holiday outfits from the first half of the week- I am HATING my legs on these pictures. Anyway as promised I'd also mention the make up products I used- so you get the idea of what make up I wore with what.

Shoulder Pad Tunic- Topshop.
Gladiator Heels- Next.
Pink Bag- Topshop.
Watch- Asos.
Hair extensions- additional lengths shade 4 (then dyed mahogany by my hairdresser)

Make up-
Mac shadows- shroom (base), knight devine, elecktra, carbon.
17 wild curls mascara,
2true eyeliner (black).
Benefit Boi-ing #2
Mac bronzer- refined golden.
Benefit coralista.
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss.


The start of the face swelling (look at my nose).
Dress- Asos.
Watch- Asos.
Pink Bag (not shown)- Topshop.
Gladiator sandles- River Island.

Make Up.
Mac shadows- shroom (base), honey lust, mythology, satin taupe.
17 wild curls mascara,
2true eyeliner (black)
Mac Bronzer- Refined Golden.
Mac cut a caper lippy.


Body con skirt- Topshop
Long black boob tube- Topshop
Zig zag vest- H+M
Gladiator heels- Next
Watch- Asos.
Glasses- Ray Ban Wayfarers 5206- red contrast inside (men's glasses so they're oversized).

Make Up.
No eye make up due to swelling.
Boi-ing #2.
Benefit coralista
Mac bronzer- refined golden.
Dior lipgloss.

I'll post the rest of the outfits on Saturday and then normal blogging will resume.