So I thought I would do a quick summary of the jolly holiday for you- can't believe this time last week I was lounging by the pool watching the crazy drunken german guy dancing around his missus waiting to go home. I've decided to do another seperate post on why I ended up in hospital for later on in the week as I kinda feel like I need to warn you about the dangers of what can happen if you don't look after yourselves in the sun (and it explains why I am wearing my glasses as everyone knows I always wear my contacts).

Now as you know I went on holiday with my friend Jill aka nail technician to the stars, and she's asked that no pictures of her be posted on here- so its photo heavy of moi haha.

Firstly Newcastle airports security (I blame JEM for this)- my bag gets scanned and I go through the metal detector and as I go to get my bag- who gets carted off by security as my bag has flashed up for containing "explosive" materials. So after a thorough 15 minute search (stopping valuble duty free time) security were happy that my bag was ok. JEM denies all knowledge of putting explosives in my bag. Flight was eventful, Jill had two drunks next to her one of which was keep smacking the window throughout the flight. Luckily I had the encyclopedia that is American Elle to keep me amused/distracted.

Anyway the holiday consisted of eating, sunbathing, eating, drinking, eating, sleeping, thinking of what to eat, talking of food, more eating. Then obviously the hospital incident. One thing I didn't like over there was the bar touts who under no circumstances would leave you alone, how many times do you have to say no before they get the hint. They will literally stand and wait for you to finish your convo with one tout and then ask you the same thing. I did feed the pigeons in Linekers for Michelle, and the Yates there was exactly the same as the ones back home- shite haha.

I've got outfit photos to come- so there may be some duplication.. however this sums my holiday up- even though I got naff all photos compared to a normal night out at home..

The noisiest road ever (there was snow on the mountains).
Dodgy sunburn (esp on my right leg).

Jills future husband, and note the girls outfit on the left.
Posing after 20 free shots of sambuca = not good.

Our favourite Lineker's bar tout- Johny.
Getting groped- does that outfit look familiar???

Finding something amusing while under the influence of drink.
28 degrees.

MAYHEM- the shittest bar crawl ever (bar the free shots).
Loving the art work on the wall/ballerina hair according to Barry Sparkle.

Scouse Donk House.. put a donk on it!!
The shining in las Americas.

Pirate Ray.
Yes I like to ride my motorbike in the nude... haha.

Oh I want to go back xx