Do you remember that banging tune of the 90s?? haha.

Now I've got it in my head- great...

So today I had a post planned, then decided I didn't want to write it up and then I decided to do the post which I been talking to Stephy about this afternoon- but instead you get this random splat of words from my brain.
I'm blaming excel spreadsheets for why I am scatty today.

These are my current thoughts...

- Do I eat the other creme egg on my desk or save it for tomorrow?

- Do I fake tan even though I still have some of my holiday tan left?

-Do I actually like Barry M Peach Melba on my nails because a) it looks horrid, or b) am I only thinking this cause I NEVER wear pastels on my nails.

-Do I send my new leopard print court shoes back as they're 5.5" and they don't have a strap on.


- If I keep my shoes will I end up falling over in them and breaking my ankle.

- Pick a dress... ask no questions...

- if you saw these two dresses and you had to choose.. pick one..

I really can't get that bloody song out my head now!!